Axis Lab Final

This update for Axis Lab FInal addresses several scripting issues for the map. A key fix in this version is the scripting issue where the nu...

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File Description

This update for Axis Lab FInal addresses several scripting issues for the map. A key fix in this version is the scripting issue where the nuke tends to get stuck.

You must already have Axis Lab FInal installed for this update to work

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Axis Lab Final (sp1) for ET

This pk3 fixes a scripting issue where the nuke can get stuck.

Extract axislab_final_sp1.pk3 into your (wolfet)\etmain directory.
You must have axislab_final.pk3 already in the (wolfet)\etmain for the sp1 to work.
This service pak is not needed for the documents objetive.

Map by: Jon Swenson (=N4RC= Smokey) and Chris Swenson (Hobbie)

Email address:
Clan Web Address:

**Version History:

**Aug-13-2004 axislab_final_sp1.pk3 for axislab_final.pk3
-fixed an issue where the nuke can stop and can't be moved.

**Jul-28-2004 Final release
-loads of time spent on script.
-Changed the objectives.
-Last man standing is added.
-Added many objects to the map for atmosphere.
-Fixed command map icons from going outside the compass in etpro.
-Removed campaign file. (Most admins make their own)
-Time limit is now 25 minutes.
-Elevator now operates differently. (Axis blow elevator to stop it from moving)
-Changed many textures.
-Differnt objectives with different scripts.
Known bugs:
-Sky messed up at certain angles. (Thing has to do with the vis. Didn't find a fix I liked.)
-No icons on command map for the ramp. (The icons don't come back when the build area is disabled and then enabled when the truck is in position)
-Players being smashed by the cart. (Stand clear :-) )
-When swimming, players get stopped by the river bed. (This happens in the caves on oasis also. :'( )

**Mar-6-2004 Beta 2 release
-Fixed bug with nametags. Had to change the way fog was made. **mirror had to changed**
-Changed the lighting outside to be brighter.
-Allies now secure the hill top spawn when the root cellar is blown.
-Fixed the objectives (sewers, root cellar, and document's room doors) so you must be next to them to blow them. Before you could blow them from a far distance. 
-Added voice announcements for the objectives.
-Fixed some miscellaneous things around map.
-Time limit is now 20 minutes.
-Fixed the campaign file.

**Feb-25-2004 Beta released
-Bug found after release with nametags.

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