Bacon Mod

baconetv0.1.1.zip —


FIXES - Fixed the instagib bug that would crash the client on environment damage. - Better shuffle algorithm (thanks to pack). - Fixed the bug where wounded players could fly by and capture the flag. - Oversize server commands fix (thanks to bani/rain). - Akimbo weapons now can lose XP on teamkills. - Lower light weapon spread now at level3, not level4. - Engineer needs only 33% energy (the correct amount) for landmines at level3. - Garand can now reload mid-clip. - Mobile MG42 can now reload mid-clip. - Level0 Field Ops now uses lt charge instead of medic charge. - Players cannot have names with ^^ in it (thanks to Leff). - Smokescreen can now lose XP on teamkills. - Medics can use syringe and medpacks underwater. - Field Ops can use ammo packs underwater.

ADDITIONS - Admins/referees can print centred text (command: bcp). - Added sticky grenades (cvar: b_grenade = 2), causes landmines to disappear though. - All players regenerate health (when crouching) upto a given amount, the default is 75 (cvars: b_regenerate, b_regRate, b_regStop). - Medics cannot give themselves health. - Headshot Mode (cvar: b_headshot). - Instagib Mode (cvar: b_instagib). - Admins can specify the number of landmines per team (cvars: b_redLandmines, b_blueLandmines). - Increased the medpack/ammopack throw range (cvars: b_medicThrowDist, b_foThrowDist). - Increased the damage done by the sniper rifles to 150HP on headshots. - Medics/Field Ops drop medpacks/ammopacks based on thier skill level when they die. - Admins can disable the use of /kill (cvar: b_nokill). - Level4 Covert Ops can now kill anybody from anywhere with one stab from a knife. - Added impact-exploding grenades (cvar: b_grenade). - Panzerfaust rockets are now 3/5 of their original speed.


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