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Starting Date: Mid August, 2003 Finishing Date: October 23, 2003

This Sound Pack contains sounds from the movie "Band of Brothers".

All sounds and music are edited and made by Konigstiger.

A total of 224 sounds are replaced, which are:

- 81 Allied Voice Chat Commands - Covert Ops. Switch Clothes Sound - Health Pick up - Rank up Music - Skill up Music - Ammo Pick up - New Door Sounds (8 Sounds Total) - Allies Winning Music - Axis Winning Music - Main Menu Music - Gib Sound (Original Sound but Altered) - Fall Down Hurt Sound - 20 Foot Step Sounds (Grass, Snow, Stone, and Wood) - 7 Tank Sounds (Sherman Tank) - 6 Allied HQ Chat Commands - 5 Air Strike Sounds (P-51) - 7 Artillery Sounds - 30 .cal - Colt (5 Total) - Dynamite - FG-42 - M1 Garand (8 Total) - Grenade (3 Total) - 15 Impact Sounds - K43 - Knife Hit Wall Sound (Original Sound but Altered) - Landmine (4 Total) - Luger (5 Total) - MG-42 (3 Total) - Change Weapon Sounds - Dry Fire Sound - Mortar (6 Total) - Mp-40 - Panzerfaust (4 Total) - Satchel - Thompson (4 Total) - 6 New World sounds, Including New War Sounds.

All guns come with new distance sounds. Some Guns also have new Reload Sounds.

This Sound pack will also change the Ranks and Helmets:

- Ranks from Pfc to Sgt. will no longer show on the helmet - Ranks from Lt. to Col. have smaller insignia symbols on their helmets - Engineers and Field Ops. for the Allies have no Symbols on the side of their helmets - Engineers and Field Ops. for the Axis have no Symbols on the side of their helmets - Axis Soldiers now have regular helmets - Allied Field Ops. now have regular helmets.

How To Install Place the "s_Konigstigers_BOB_Sound_Pack" in the "etmain" folder Default location is: C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain


How to Uninstall Simply delete the file

How to Play With the Band of Brothers Sounds Unfortunately you'll be hearing the original ET sounds un-till server hosts also have the sound pack or allow it to be used.

I have played on servers before that allow custom pk3. files to run so its basically a matter of searching for a server. They are known as un-pure servers.

Replay's will also use the Band of Brother sounds, even if it was recorded with the original sounds.

Known Bugs If you Disconnect from a server or are kicked from a server, the Band of Brothers Sound Pack might be deactivated. But still can work during game play.

Please report any bugs to Konigstiger.

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Re-Upload Request Restoration

Band of Brothers Sound Pack: Read Me
Hi there!

Thanks for downloading my sound pack.
Special Thanks
Alpha testers - [DP] Clan
Beta testers - [DP] Clan
Support - =T4= Clan, [DP] Clan, WolfProject, the Public

Very Special Thanks
Steven Spielberg
Tom Hanks
Michael Kamen
The Band of Brothers Sound Department
The MOH:AA Sound Department for the "War" background sounds

To Servers Hosts
It would be easier for the public if the servers are labeled as a host for this sound pack. 
So, if you host a server and plan to use this sound pack, please label it for the public.

Also, please post your IP address and the name of the server on the forums/message boards.

[DP] Clan -
=T4= Clan -
WolfProject -

Sound Pack made by: Konigstiger

[email protected]

and Enjoy!

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