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The Config is designed for baserace players but you can use it on any map. Theres a chat config for baserace, thats what mak...


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The Config is designed for baserace players but you can use it on any map. Theres a chat config for baserace, thats what makes it a "Baserace Config". Theres anouther chat config for regular ET maps, you can Switch (Toggle) back and forth between them. The config is loaded with scripts of every kind. It also has a limited Class/Team/Mod selector that allows u to customize settings for some classes. Theres install guides for config noobs that have never had a config before. The guides describe how the scipts work and what keys they are bound to. You can print out a page listing what keys do what on ur keyborad. A grafics config guide, helps u chose the right graphics config for your computer.

Installation and Instructions:

Download the file and unzip, its in a .zip format. Read: "The Ultimate BR Config- Intro.txt" it will explain how to install the .cfg (Config) files. The introduction will also tell u in what order ti read the other guides.

Legal Agreement:

None, share give improve, thats the point.

Contact Information:

[email protected]

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Download '' (2.67MB)

//The Ultimate BR Config- Intro
\ \\\\\  \   \   \\\\     \    \   \    \\\\\  \\\\\   \\   \\   \\\\   \\\\  \\\\  \
 \     \     \   \   \          \    \   \       \         \       \ \\ \   \    \      \     \       \
  \     \     \\\\   \\\       \    \   \       \         \       \  \  \   \\\\      \     \\\    \
   \     \     \   \   \          \    \   \       \         \       \      \   \    \      \     \       \        \     \     \   \   \\\\     \\\\   \\\\  \      \\\\\   \      \   \    \      \     \\\\  \
     \_____________________________________________________________________________________________\       /                                                                                                                     / 
    / ////////   /////////     ////////   ///////    ////////  /////////    ////////    ///////       ///       ///       /
   / //    //   //     //     //         //         //   ///  //     //    //    //    //             //       //        / 
  / //    //   //     //     //         //         //   ///  //     //    //          //             //   /   //        /   
 / ////////// /////////     ///////    //////     ////////  /////////    //          //////         //   /   //   //   /
/ //      // //     //          //    //         // \     //     //    //      //  //             ///////////   //   / 
 ////////// //     //    ////////    /////////  //   \   //     //    //////////  /////////                         /
      //////////    /////////    ///     //    /////////  ///////////    /////////////          //////////////     /
     //      //    //     //    // //   //    //              //        //         //          /     //     /     /
    //            //     //    //  //  //    //              //        //                           //           /
   //            //     //    //   // //    ///////         //        //    ///////                //           /
  //            //     //    //    ////    //              //        //         //                //      //   /
 //        //  //     //    //     ///    //              //        //         //     ///        //      //   /
////////////  /////////    //      //    //         ////////////   /////////////     ///                     /
<<>>wT-WARTORN-wT<<>>cLAN<<>><<>>Made<>bY<>Haile*Selassie*Ethiopia*<>[email protected]<<>>/


  I think all the scripts, tweaks, exploits and, shortcuts out there should be open and freely available to 
  who ever wants to use them, or if someone just wants to know how that guy keeps owning u time after time ;) 
  so in that spirit i put together   -=.....The Ultimate Baserace Config.....=- 

  The project kinda came out of my gaming Baserace for about a year plus. My configs have been 
  growing over time, taking on a life of their own, changing into a baserace kinda setup. I already
  had most of these configs finished, so i decied to put together a couple of guides and save someone else the
  trouble of downloading, searching sites, and reading the forums. Other people wrote these scripts
  i just kinda compiled and organised them so they all work together. I found scripts all over the internet
  but got most of these from &quot;The Ultimate Config.&quot;-THX ..TUC! Its a complete config meaning all the 
  buttons are being used by something. Besides the scripts theres also some getting better head shot info. 
  I tossed in some of my own ideas as well, for instance, i made a Class/Weapon/Mod selector i always wanted. 
  when u select a class all the settings are specific for that class, theres scripts and tweaks for each class,
  from sens to graphic settings its all customizable, it works with all mods.  
  Since I don't know how u could make a config map specific ...the name is kind of a misnomer.
  Theres not really to much to identify it with baserace, except the chat keys are all bound to what needs to 
  be said on baserace. Their double bound...&quot;Destoy Construction!&quot; says &quot;BLOW! The forward spawn&quot; so u get ur 
  point acrossed. U can turn the double binds off if u want, or u can hit F10 and toggle to a different chat 
  config for regular maps. U can fragg other maps with this config not just BR. Theres a spawn selector and 
  the other stuff u need. U could easily adapt this config for playing regular maps by changing what chat config  
  is loaded at start-up. In the autoexe.cfg u would change the chat-3.cfg to chat-2.cfg. U could also take out   
  the less needed scripts, like the spinner toggle, making room for &quot;map spawn selectors&quot;, etc. 
  But I haven't seen another BR config. so this will be &quot;The Official&quot; Baserace Config  :]
  The setup is very easy to install for anybody, even someone that just picked up the game yesterday.
  I went through the whole installation procsess extremely detailed for a quick install. What u do is
  read the Ultimate BR- Install.txt...,install the configs with notepad, and print out the text file that
  tells u where all the buttons are. I went over everything, creating the .cfg files, graphic configs,  
  widescreens, where the scripts are and how to use them, and just how to make every thing work.      
  At the very least u'll probably feel like ur reading a bureaucratic manual of some

  Theres three different graphic configuration files to pick from based on your computer.
  U have a choice between a slow computer, a faster system with a good graphics card, and a smok'in ass sys.
  They all have different settings so i tell u how to test um and see which one works for u.
  Theres two different configuration folders. Their separated so u can just pick one, load whichever
  into ET and start gamin. All the buttons will work with that particular set-up. One is for the mouse and 
  fragg peddals i use, the RTR.720. The other has the same settings but is for a typical three or 
  four button mouse, it works best with a four button. Take ur pick, if u need a gaming mouse  
  anyways, now might be the time to pick one up. Read: Ultimate BR- RTR.720- Mouse.txt check all that out.
  A gaming mouse is important in this game since a cheapo three button updates the where abouts of ur cursor 
  only so many times per second. While a gaming mouse keeps u shootin on target. 
  I've seen G5's goin for 30 bucks on the net, so that might be the ticket for you.

  The benefits u get out of a config file are quite surprising. U'll be able do things you couldn't do 
  before with shortcuts and quick fixes that will make the game a lot more enjoyable. The biggest change 
  u'll probablly notice are the performance gains you get from tweaking the graphics settings.
  Since the true enemy in gaming is really laggg, not ur opponent ....

  Also the secret sause. If ur running windose bill has been sqrewing u on your gaming goodtimes.
  Read the &quot;mouse acceleration fix XP&quot; for that bug.

 Here we go, take a look inside The Ultimate Baserace Config ......  /		           

  Team, Class, Weapon, Mod Selector /

  To start the game: /

   Press F4 
  (Limbo Menu)

  Chose: Team, Class, Weapon, 

  If u want to be a: Medic, Engineer(SMG), Field-Ops, Covert-ops(Not Sniper) 
  U dont have to press any buttons, just play the game.  
  Mouse 2 is bound to &quot;Seringe/Medpack/Primary weapon Toggle&quot;. 

  If u want to be an Engineer-(Rifle Nade), Soldier, or a Sniper u use the toggle buttons.
  First u pick the class/Team/Weapon u want (F4 Limbo), then u hit F6, F7, F8 to pick ur 
  Class a second time and MOD (ETPro or No Quarter) 
  Mouse2 changes to (weapalt/+attack2)- alternate fire

  Return To default               Press F5 
  Rifle Nade Garand (Engineer)    Press F6  Once: No Quarter ....Twice:  ETPro   
  Soldier                         Press F7  Once: No Quarter ....Twice:  ETPro 
  Sniper                          Press F8  Once: No Quarter ....Twice:  ETPro 

  Press F5 to return to default - Medic, Engineer(SMG), Field-Ops, Covert-ops(Not Sniper)....

  Watch for an echo in the obituaries will tell u what u picked 

  When u select ETPro, it should really say &quot;All other mods but No Quarter&quot;/       
  The ETPro weapon alt works with all other mods: JayMod, ET-Pub, Shrub.  /       

  Other settings will change also: /


  Wolfparticles- (Seeing Explosions) turns on so u can see where ur !Nades explode at
  (Press page up to turn off wolfparticals)
  Mouse sensitivity is incresed so u can aim !Nades faster. When u press the fire button                                        Sensitivity increases more, so u can get head shots with the garand easier.
  Looking up and down speed increases so u can aim !Nades faster.
  Plyers get moved from mouse2- (Engineer with Thompson) to weapon bank 5


  Field of view- (FOV) changes from 90 to 110 so u can see the enemy advancing better before u  
  Extend the bipods- MG, BAR. Press &quot;DEL&quot; to toggle FOV back to 90 

 (3.Sniper Range Toggle

  TAB changes From: vsay_team &quot;Fire In The Hole!&quot; To: Close range, Long range, Sniper fast, toggle
  when u press &quot;F8&quot;. An Echo flashes and the reticle changes telling u which range u are using.  
  Mouse wheel changes From: weapon bank scroller To: sniper scope zoom in and out. 
  Sniper fast has faster sensitivity, faster look up and down. Mouse wheel changes 
  Back To: Weapon bank scroller so u can get to pistols and grenades. 
  Theres a crouch toggle in sniper only. All the other classes have regular crouch. 

  Mouse acceleration fix for XP / 

  Microsoft in its compition with OpenGL has made the gaming experience less responsive under  
  OpenGL driven games such as ET. XP forces Direct input to over ride Opengl acceleration. 
  Micro$oft favors directX since its their proprietary software while OpenGl is free opensource.
  So start playing ET the way its supposed to be, and give micrsoft the finger!
  What bill has done, is to make your mouse laggy with openGL games. Even with pointer precision enabled, 
  the mouse is still influenced by an acceleration curve which is especially noticeable in games. 

 (1.Backup your registry first:;en-us;Q322756#2

 (2.Double click: Mouse accel fix XP.reg and reboot ur machine   

  You will notice you are holding a markedly more responsive mouse.

  If you ever want to return to default, just run: Mouse accel default XP.reg  

 Other Changes /		           

 (1.Mouse  Settings:
  Theres a script thats bound to mouse1 that controls mouse sensativity
  When u arent shooting ur sensativity is 3.90. When you start shooting your sensativity reduces to 2.00
  So when ur moving around ur sense is high enough can do a 360 degree turn. Then when u start shooting sensativity
  drops for better head shots (you can change this to suite your needs).
  Looking Up and Down is Slower (Mouse pitch), To Help With Headshots. Mouse Accelleration .8 
 (2.Medpack/Seringe/Primary weapon Toggle:
  With mouse 2 u cycle though weapon banks 5, 6, 3, easier and faster. Medics can hit mouse 2 and toggle
  seringe/ medpacks/ back to SMG. Field-Ops toggle: Airstrike canister, Ammo packs, SMG, Covert-Ops etc. 

 (3.Knife/Primary weapon Toggle
  Mouse 4 is bound to this toggle for gibing. Theres also: &quot;Knife/Poison/Primary weapon Toggle&quot; in: toggle-1.cfg
  If u dont have a mouse 4 button, u can bind it to &quot;CAPSLOCK&quot; instead. Walk is bound to &quot;CAPSLOCK&quot; now so u 
  would to put to slashes // in front of: bind &quot;CAPSLOCK&quot;  &quot;+speed&quot; in: controls-1.cfg under moving.   

 (4.Graphics Tweaks:
  U get three different graphic configuration files, the whole point here is getting consistent FPS.  
  Test the rmode.cfgs, (How to do this is in &quot;Ultimate BR- Install.txt&quot;) find out which one will get u steady and               consistent FPS. Obviously the higher the better, but just cap it at whatever u can get: 43, 76, 125,
  U will notice a big difference in the game when your shooting at something and its actually there, u hit it.
  Hunk Megs is upped to 256 giving ET more RAM to run in makeing the game smoother. Sound Megs 32, Better sound.

 (6.Lag'ometer and FPS:
  Added lagometer and FPS meter to ETPro. For No Quarter (JayMod etc.), you have to go into the Menu find -Controls
  and turn on them on. 

 Gaming Mouse- RTR 720 Button Assignments: /


  Button 1              Mouse 1- Left Click- Fire   
  Button 2              Text Entry 2- Number2- Pistol
  Button 3              Mouse 2- Right Ckick- Number5- Special Weapons 1 (Medic Syringe,Field-Ops AirStrick etc.)
  Button 4              Text Entry 4- Number4- Grenade
  Button 5              0
  Button 6              0
  Button 7              0
  Lift Mouse            0

 (2.Fragg Peddals

  Button 1              Text Entry 1- Number1- Knife
  Button 2              Text Entry 6- Number6- Special Weapon 2 (Med Packs,Ammo Packs etc.)
  Button 3              Text Entry 3- Number3- SMG (Return To SMG)
  Button 4              Mouse3- Middle Click- Binoculars      

  Chats /

  chat1 is for baserace, it has double binds (Xtra Text Messages) 
  chat2 is for other maps, it drops the double binds & changes the &quot;Text Message Hotkeys&quot; to vsays u can use on other maps
  chat3 is for baserace, it drops the double binds

  These chats are for Baserace specifically, All the v_says u need for baserace are here, 
  Other v_say that aren't applicable to baserace are dropped in chat 1 and chat 3. 
  This gives u good communication with your teamates. If u notice the chats- (v_say) are double bound,
  meaning the text is displayed differently than what is said. If u dont like this 
  Press: &quot;F10&quot; and chose, Chat 3 Baserace- No Text. The xtra text is off. 
  When u play other maps, Press: &quot;F10&quot; chose, &quot;Chat 2 Other maps- No Text&quot; 

  Press: F10 to Toggle chat1, chat2, chat3  /


  ENTER                                 Cheer Button!                         
  TAB                                   Fire In The Hole!                (Changes when Sniper)                    

  t                                     Thanks
  y                                     Sorry
  u                                     Your Welcome 
  b                                     Hi

  Chat Keys are Organized to quickly find them, The Keys Are All Lined Up On Ur Keyboard (Right to Left) /
  All say to team except, Attack                                                                        /

  First Row  : Keys are....Stuff u Need
  Second Row : Keys are....Tell um What To Do
  Third Row  : Keys are....Whats Goin On

    Audio Says:                           Text says:
                                         (Double Binds)
  Row (1
   i  I Need Backup                     &quot;Got a Box in my Pocket...Cover Me!&quot;
   o  Heal Me                           &quot;Kick Down Some Med Packs Rambo&quot;
   p  I Need Ammo                       &quot;I Eat Ammo&quot;
   [  Resupply the Squad                &quot;Go Field-Ops & Hand Out Ammo&quot; 
   ]  Revive Me                         &quot;Don't Let Me Die Like This...Rambo!&quot;

  Row (2
   h  Destroy the Objective             &quot;Satchel The Forwad Spawn!&quot;
   j  We Need Covert-Ops                &quot;Covert-Ops Destroy The Forward Spawn!&quot;                                                  k  Destroy Construction              &quot;BLOW!...The Foward Spawn&quot;
   l  Check for LandMines               &quot;Spot The Mines!&quot;
   ;  Attack                            &quot;Attack&quot;
   '  We Need an Engineer               &quot;Blow...The Front Doors!&quot;

  Row (3
   n  Lets Go                           &quot;...Lets Roll!&quot;
   m  Incoming                          &quot;Here They ...Come!&quot;
   ,  Command Acknowledged              &quot;I'm a Mindless Robo Soldier&quot;
   .  Defend our Objective              &quot;omg ...Camp The Base!&quot; 
   /  I'm On Defense                    &quot;I'm Camping, Fishing, & Laying out my Hammock!&quot;

  Text Message Hotkeys, Show up as text in the chat line, team Will see this only (No Voice)  /
  Keys Assigned To Text Messages:                                                            /

  In: Chat 1 Baserace- Text  
  In: Chat 3 Baserace- No Text 
  Keys are: 

  =              &quot;Get My Box ...its just laying there!&quot;  
  \              &quot;Box Under Base&quot;
  BACKSPACE      &quot;Box going Down the Tunnels&quot;    

  Keys change to: /                                 

  In: Chat 2 Other maps- No Text
  Keys are:

  =              &quot;Destroy the Vehicle!&quot;
  \              &quot;Repair the Vehicle&quot;
  BACKSPACE      &quot;Where To?&quot;

  Q3E Minimizer/

  Minimise ET:
  Put the Q3E Minimizer_v1.45.exe into ur c:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory folder,
  Click the two bottom tabs to start when windows starts, and set the hot key Assignments to
  ALT+A to restore and ALT+Q to hide, Using these keys wont interfere with other binds.

  Other Scripts  /                     

 Name Change Script /
 autoexe.cfg      /
 END to Scroll  /
 PGDN to Set   /

Change ur name in game, u can hold up to 6 names plus ur set name
To changed ur name, u scroll through them first by Pressing the &quot;END&quot; button (echos in the obituaries)
Then when u find the name u want, u Press: Page Down &quot;PGDN&quot; to set the name. I didnt include this so  
people could be hiding out everywhere, more like so u can have different variations to ur name, like colors.

 Rapid Akimbos, With Reload /
 controls.cfg             /
 Z                      /

You just hold down the &quot;Z&quot; key  
and your akimbos will fire at 16 roundsper second. This is about double as fast as I could fire akimbos     
if I press the mouse button as fast as I can. It's nearly as fast as an MG, which is 18 rounds per second.
Since the fire is so rapid, you will run out of ammo in about 1 second.
(Cannot be a mouse button, must be bound to a key) There's another kind of script
which lets you fire by mousewheeling, which works even while you're running around.
*NOTE: This script will not produce good results if the server you play on limits the akimbo rate.

 Easy Artillery Strike /
 controls.cfg        /
 Control (CTRL)    /

It's a pain in the ass when ur Field-Ops and u want to call in Arty. But this script lets u
call artillery strikes without having to go into binocular mode. You simply look at the piece of  
ground (without binoculars) where you want to call the strike and then Press: The Contol (CTRL) Button.
It will also say: Fire in the Hole! to ur team, to give them a heads up.

 Command Map Toggle /
 controls.cfg     /
 G              /

Now the command map will stay open when u Press: G. Press: G again to close the Command Map
Its also transparent so u can shoot run move with it open. Usefull for watching players with boxes
coming back to the base ...go back um up! U can see the enemy if a covert-ops is looking at them
This script is also good for Mortoring, finger gets tired after a while without it. 

 Fireteam Highlighter /
 controls.cfg       /
 Key Pad 0        /

Fire Teams come stock with defaults but i added a Fire Team Highlighter. Its just for ETPro since No Quarter 
Highlights your FireTeam automatically for you. 
You can also bind chats only to your fireteam using say_buddy binds.

 Suicide, Self Kill /
 controls.cfg     /
 Pause/Break    /

Its against the rules to &quot;Self Kill in Battle&quot;. Stopping people from getting XP out of thier
kill is bad gamesmanship at best. Press: PAUSE/BREAK (PAUSE)

 Sniper Range Toggle    /
 sniper-etpro.cfg     /
 sniper-noquart.cfg  /
 TAB               /
 Only After      /
 Pressing F8    /

TAB changes From: vsay_team &quot;Fire In The Hole!&quot; To: Close range, Long range, Sniper fast, toggle
when u press &quot;F8&quot;. Toggle through to the range ur target is at. 
An Echo flashes and the reticle changes telling u which range u are using. 
Sniper fast has faster sensitivity, faster look up and down. Mouse wheel also changes 
From: Sniper scope zoom in and out. Back To: Weapon bank scroller so u can get to pistols and grenades.  
 Sniper Scope Zoomin       /
 Sniper Scope Zoomout     /
 sniper-etpro.cfg       /
 sniper-noquart.cfg    /
 sniper-near.cfg      /
 sniper-far.cfg      /
 Mouse Wheel Up    /
 Mouse Wheel Down /
 Only After     /
 Pressing F8   /

Not in Sniper Fast...

Mouse wheel changes From: weapon bank scroller To: sniper scope zoom in and out. 
Mouse wheel up zooms out, Mouse wheel down zooms in. To change the zoom levels go into: 
&quot;sniper-noquart.cfg&quot;, &quot;sniper-etpro.cfg&quot;, &quot;sniper-near.cfg&quot;, &quot;sniper-far.cfg&quot;
Sniper fast has faster sensitivity, faster look up and down. Mouse wheel also changes 
From: Sniper scope zoom in and out. Back To: Weapon bank scroller so u can get to pistols and grenades.

 Sniper Crouch          /
    Toggle             /
 sniper-etpro.cfg    /
 sniper-noquart.cfg /
 C                /
 Only After     /
 Pressing F8   /

Theres a crouch toggle in sniper only. All the other classes have regular crouch. 
If u don't like this replace the sniper couch toggle In: sniper-etpro.cfg and sniper-noquart.cfg
To: bind &quot;c&quot;  &quot;+movedown&quot;//Crouch
*Note: Theres a problemwith the crouch toggle...If u die while crouched u can't hit the spacebar to respawn. 
U have to uncrouch first. Press the &quot;c&quot; button uncrouch, press the spacebar, than u can spawn again.
 FPS Toggle   /
 toggle.cfg /
 F9       /

Toggles ur (FPS) or Frames Per Second in steps of 43, 76, 125, Do not change these numbers.
FPS is the main reason for these configs, especially tweaks.cfg, ur graphics settings.
Watch ur FPS display, if u dont have constant FPS than switch to a lower FPS (Press F9). 
Alternately it u think u can get higher constant FPS switch to a higher FPS (Press F9). 
FPS deault is set to 43 (Will be set to this when u start the Game) only because our servers 
are running No Quarter right now and u'll be lucky to get that. Go into toggle.cfg to change 
the default, Change from this: set com_maxfps 43 To this: set com_maxfps 76  

 Seringe/Medpack/Primary weapon Toggle /
 toggle.cfg                          /
 Mouse 2                           /

Mouse 2 is bound to &quot;Seringe/Medpack/Primary weapon Toggle&quot;. Now u can cycle though weapon banks 5, 6, 3, easier
and faster. Medics can hit mouse 2 and cycle seringe/ medpacks/ back to SMG. Field-Ops cycle: Airstrike canister,
Ammo packs, SMG. Covert-Ops etc.

 Knife/Primary Weapon Toggle   /
 toggle.cfg                  /
 Mouse 4                   /

Mouse 4 is bound to this toggle for gibing. Theres also: &quot;Knife/Poison/Primary weapon Toggle&quot; in: toggle-1.cfg
If u dont have a mouse 4 button, u can bind it to &quot;CAPSLOCK&quot; instead. Walk is bound to &quot;CAPSLOCK&quot; now, so u 
would have to put to slashes // in front of: bind &quot;CAPSLOCK&quot;  &quot;+speed&quot; in: controls-1.cfg, under moving. 

 Spawn Point Selector   /
 toggle.cfg           /
 HOME               /

When ur team gets a forward spawn just hit HOME once for spawn 2 and spawn there. 
If its a big map and theres a spawn 3, hit again for spawn three, up to 5 spawn points.
U want to spawn at spawn one again cycle to spawn 1.
People use this as an exploit on some maps and spawn where there not supposed to.
I checked baserace with covert warp pad on and couldn't spawn to the warp points :/
 Explosions Toggle /
 toggle.cfg      /
 Page Up       /

Toggles the explosions u see, AirStrikes, Arty, Mortor, Grenades, Panzer etc.
Default is Off, Turn on by Pressing: Page Up

 Away, Giving Supplies Spinner/
 toggle.cfg                 /
 DownArrow                /

This is just a funny script but has usefulness also. If ur going AFK turn this on and u'll 
hand out supplies while ur gone. U wont get kicked by Punk Buster either for &quot;Inactivity&quot;
Go Field-Ops or Medic and Press: HOME 

 FOV Toggle   /
 toggle.cfg /
 DEL      /

Field of view is more or less a zoom factor. A very low FOV would be like using binoculars, 
while a high FOV would give you a very wide angle so you could see more of your surroundings. 
The default FOV is 90 degrees, meaning that basically you can see 45 degrees to the left of you 
and 45 degrees to the right of you. The number should be from 90 to 120. If you try to go higher or lower,
you might not be allowed to depending on the server, because having a ridiculously low or high FOV 
is almost like cheating. An FOV lower than 90 will never have any effect, no matter what server you are on.
Press: DEL to toggle (FOV) Cycles: 90, 100, 105, 109, 110, 112, 120

 Demo Recording /
 toggle.cfg   /
 F12        /

The only way to stop the stock Demo Record is to type in the console /stop record
But this is a bit easier, the way we like it. Just Press: &quot;F12&quot; once to start and &quot;F12&quot; again to stop recording.
*Note: Theres also a setting next to this one (//Auto Record Demo) that will automatically start a demo every  
time u start a match. Good for scrims or tournys. Change: seta cl_autorecord &quot;0&quot; To: seta cl_autorecord &quot;1&quot;
Be sure to take out the // before the cvar

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