Battle of Wolken 3

Author:Chris Turner (chr1s) Email:[email protected] Map name: Battle of Wolken3 (Axis Strike) Map version: Beta 4...


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Author:Chris Turner (chr1s) Email:[email protected] Map name: Battle of Wolken3 (Axis Strike) Map version: Beta 4

***WOLKEN BACKGRUOND*** These maps are set in the vast land of Wolken, the soldiers were dumped here after some accident during some trench digging on the Eastern Front, basically some idiot hit a precious artifact with a shovel that started to make equipment dissapear then personel!!!

Wolken is made up of various islands and each island may have a different climate of neighbouring islands making wolken a strange place to live and fight in. Howerver the islands aren't floating around in some grand sea, oh no, they are floating in what seems like clouds but dont be tempted to stray into the clouds as there is inmense pressure that can crush a man!!!

***MAP INFO***

After the embarrasing defeat in the outer regions of Wolken, Axis forces plan to attack and Allied controlled area where intelligance indicates some important information about Wolken can be found. Axis must retrieve this information and escape using a plane Allied forces manged to steal from them in an earlier battle however the plane is out of fuel, this will have to be found in the area.

*A group of Axis led explorers looking for a legendary weapon once strayed into this region once before, they havent been seen since.

*It was reported that Allied forces managed to steal an aircraft from an earlier raid on an Axis base and is now located in this region.

*It appears Allied forces have constructed a fence that is impossible to jump over so any Axis soldiers will have to stick to their objectives to procede ahead.


Axis: 1) Capture the forward bunker 2) Destroy the main entrance 3) Destroy the side entrance 4) Steal the documents and return to plane 5) Steal the fuel can and return to plane

Allies: 1) Defend the forward bunker 2) Defend the main entrance 3) Defend the side entrance 4) Defend the documents 5) Defend the fuel supply


Beta version, anything that needs changing just address the changes to the email above and ill get it done before next version.

Thanks to:

*Marko for creating great site with lots of help. *Members of Marko's site and splash damage forums. *Drakir for all the lovely prefabs, also *The helpfull people on Marko's forums for helping me over the past year to learn mapping, Marko, JimBob, Lowlife, Wakka, Erik-ftn and the rest :)

Special thanks to:

*Lowlife for creating the terrain shader and helping. *Mowgli/Iain for custom icons *Testers:

McE: Soviet, Dyingfry, Doppie, Coernal, karatekev, Kombucha, Duke, Sarias, Sgt_Puppet, Sauerkraut, sorry and possibly some others. Xytogen: Foon`r, Gengz, Mowgli/Iain, Xelis, Mafia. KoB: Malus, Chicken, Terra, Pix. Nc: Vowel, Unblind, Kesh. DooC: Gauki, Berserk, Henker, Kevin, Nino, RotzKotz and others. Others:Lefty, Lowlife, Files, Link, Batesy, Reddwarf, Spoony, Necuz, Prawn, Guscat, Scorn and his LAN buddies, Thecks, Platinum and all the others i have probably forgotten.

any suggestions please feal free to email me.


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