A bobot is a robot (bot), a virtual player directed by a computer. Bots will never replace human players, but you can train with them or against them or even add them to your server.

Bobots are realistic bots. They try to copy the human behavior and the human navigation. Bobot really thinks. Like a human player, bobot can do stupid and good things. It is not necessary that the bots are too perfect. They should not behave like robots without defects.



Download & Info:

    --> Bobot v04.08

    --> Bobot Website (French)
    --> Bobot Website (English)
    --> Bobot Website (Spanish) 

The characteristics of Bobot:

    * Its navigation by network of neurons trained to avoid obstacles thanks to a genetic algorithm (Joc)
    * Intelligent decision taking (rules system, priorities calculation through fuzzy logic) (3ème Type).Bobot constantly has a dozen of decisions to take. Does it have to get fixed up, to look for some munitions, to get or give a pack, to answer back to an attack or reviver a teammate? Does it have to go to a tank rather than to its main goal ? It asses all the possibilities many times per second and it will take the most adequate decision according to the situation. If a bot gets hurt close to its target it will go towards it but if it is far from it and close to a surgery it will prefer getting medical care. If reviving a teammate it gets shot, it will leave the action in order to answer back and only then will go back to what it was doing if it is still alive. It knows how to pursue an enemy for a while and also protect their mate.
    * The complete tank, truck support. A bobot is able to escort the tanks and other vehicles, to get on a tank and use their machineguns. It is able to wait for their team mates rather than leave alone and risk being shot down.

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