Play Quick A soon as the Bobots has been correctly installed, A new repertory "bobot" appears in your game repertory. That's in this repertory that you'll find all the essential files for the good functionment of bobots. You must set the game with this argument: \ET.exe +set fs_game bobot +set sv_pure 0 That will send the game with the bobots mod. So, the bobots will be memorised in your game. You need to creat a local game. Be careful, don't create a pure server, or you will probably delete our files: "cgame_mp_x86.dll" et "ui_mp_x86.dll" by the original game files. The original files are replaced when you creat a pure server. That will delete the great menus that we've made for help you to enjoy with bobots. But don't be afraid, with the argument "+set sv_pure 0" that we've add at the beginning,we will automatically create a server which isn't pure. Once in the game, open th console with the "²". And use the command "/Bobots" to add Bobots on your server ;) This one execute the text file "addbobots.cfg" Wich help you to add easily bobots on your server.


  • Communication between agents [3emeType]
  • Coordination [3emeType]
  • Movement of group (escort) [3emeType]
  • CoverOps class[Joc]
  • Linux Version[Joc]
  • Best menu.... [PsyGoa]
  • More map [PsyGoa]
  • A best bobot version [PsyGoa]


Here are some informations about Bobots : 
Yonex (Lead Coder)
3emeType (Lead Coder AI)
Joc (Coder Gestion Bobots)
PsyGoa (Interfaces Bobots)

Version: 0.2 (beta 2) 
Release date: 01/09/2004 
Site Web: www.clanrw.fr.st 
IRC: QuakeNet, #clanrw 

<B>What's New:</B>
[list][*]- Bots prone, 
[*]- 6 maps from the original ET game, 
[*]- IA improved (bots wait when they are alone) 
[*]- WP in maps improved, 
[*]- Bots use cabinet, 
[*]- Add support maps : 
[*]- Bots defend positions instead of stupid rush, 
[*]- When Bots see an ennemy they follow him to kill  
And more in the read me file. 


Splash Damage : Developer 
ID Software : Productor 
Activision : Editer 
Tiger le Leadeur du clan Real Weapon, for his idea and his work 
Nanie the secretary,traductor and documentalist, for his help 
The coder's team for their work to create and ameliorate this Bobots that we love 
The team 2GR, for their linux help 
Beta testers: 
[RW]Nanie : English Version 
[RW]SEKoner :German Version 
And all the visitors of #clanrw :)

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