bobots is a server side mod that admins artificial players into the game with various skill levels!


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bobots is a server side mod that admins artificial players into the game with various skill levels!

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Our team are really happy, after 2 years without any news for the bobots, to say that bobots are back, with a lot of improvements. 
Here is the read me file in US : 

Bobots Version 03.05

1) DEV Team : 

Lead Coder : Patrick
Tests/Installer : [RW]Tiger

2) How to add bots : 

You will find in the zip file, a video which will show you how to add or remove bot from a map.

3) Features Version 03.05 : 

- Bobots can use static MG (Tanks MG inclued), repair tank, construct objectivs, open door and escort vehiculs,
- Bots are now, available in all classes,
- Engeeners could disarm dynamite, not all the times,
- Fix when a bot want to use its knife even if ennemy was far,
- Fix when a fieldops gave amo even if team playe does'nt need any,
- Fix bot walking on back side,
- Fix when a medic bot wanted to health a bot, as this bots was not accesible,
- Command Addbot change to allow to add differents weapons to bots :  : 
 - Addbot team name class skill weapons,
- Add specific command to create node,
- Add on line help,
- / ? = show command list
- /addbot ? = full dexciption of addbot command,
- Add new basic connexion to enable bots in area which were not really integrated,
- Add new flag for "take" node (to open doors),
- Add a node which make a bot stay to a specific area,
- Created nodes will be notice on the map and not so write only in the consol (easy used),
- Engeeners wont put their dyna longer but in front of it,
- When engeener dynamite successfully an objective, they will "cheer",
- Bots will begin all matches with superior skills.

4) Tutorial : 

In the bobots directory, you will find a file calls "NodScript.pdf", which is a tutorial to add nodes (way points) to a map to enable bots to be player with. Right now, this file is in French only, really sorry for the non French speakers.

5) Maps gérées : 

Fueldump : Complete tank support, 
Goldrush : Complete tank support, 
venice : Complete tank support, 
Temple_final : Complete tank support, 
Caen : Complete tank support, 

6) Contacts : 

- forum :
- site :
- IRC : #clanrw

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