Breakout 2



Continuing where the previous Breakout left off, the Allies must fight their way through the surrounding Axis forces and to freedom.



Identity    : Map for "Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory"

Title       : Breakout 2
File name   : breakout2_120.pk3
Map name    : breakout2
Version     : 1.2.0   (Created Sep 2008)
Authors     : 2Bit and Avoc
              (tibet.clanservers.com and www.eft-clan.com)

Objectives and Gameplay:

Allies must escort the tank to the exit rail tunnel to win, starting at a disused mine and then along the railway track to the station.
Axis will try to dynamite the footbridge over the railway to block the tank.  If they do, Allies must dynamite the wreckage to clear the path.

At the station the Allies must then build a ramp to lift the tank off the rail track and into the station courtyard. Axis can construct a tank barrier just beyond this, so these objectives are fought over at the same time.

Once past the barrier the tank must go through the tunnel under the railway.  Axis will try to dynamite the tunnel to block the road.  If successful, Allies must dynamite the rubble to clear the way.

The road then leads into the Axis bunker - Allies must escort the tank through the bunker and out the other side.
The final chance for the Axis to block the tank is a desperate measure - they can destroy their own overhead bunker control room, so that the debris blocks the bunker exit. But this damages and buries the Axis CP located there.

If the bunker control room is destroyed, the Allies have to dynamite the debris to clear the path.  This also clears the rubble from the Axis CP, allowing it to be rebuilt.

Finally the tank gets back onto the rail tracks and can escape through the exit railway tunnel.

Installation: Put the pk3 file into the etmain folder.

Num players : Any, the more the merrier.

Gamemodes   : Objective, Stopwatch.

Thanks to:

Splash Damage and Activision for the best (free!!) game ever released.
Detoeni and RayBan for the excellent models and textures plus any others whose models/textures have been included without our knowing the original source, but thanks anyway.

Big thanks to Diego for his map Praetoria_one - for the textures and inspiration it has provided for this map's atmosphere.

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