The Allies are attempting to steal an important.. thing... from the Axis. Its invisible and already on the back of the truck, or maybe its the truck itself. Whatever. I'm sick of making story lines, just escort the damn truck.



Bremen b2

Author		: Dersaidin
Real name 	: Andrew Browne
Location	: Australia
E-mail		: [email protected]
Game		: Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory

Axis objectives
	- Stop the Allies from stealing stuff.
	- Stop the Allies from destroying the Main Entrance.
	- Hold the forward spawn.
	- Stop the Allies from constructing a command post, or destroy it if it has been made.
	- Be alert, the Allies may attempt attack through a side door. Don't let them satchel the side door.
	- Stop the allies from powering up the generator. Defend the keycard.
	- Don't let the Allies steal the truck.
	- Build the truckbarriers to hinder the Allied escape.

Allied objectives
	- Steal stuff (its invisible and in the back of a truck somewhere in the city).
	- Blow open the Main Entrance to push through the city.
	- Take control of the forward spawn.
	- Construct the command post to activate a forward spawn.
	- Satchel the side door to gain additional access.
	- Use the keycard to power up the generator.
	- Repair and steal the truck.
	- Don't let the Axis hold up the truck with a truck barrier.

Axis 30
Allies 20

Prefab Acknowledgements
- Goldrush
- my previous maps

- Command map looks shit


Special thanks to:
swinyboi (DE)
Neillie (UK)
iTG`stewie (NL)
chosen (DE)
[NW]reyalP (US)
inFlux`imP (BE)
dignitasFrop ()
perfo ()
Shaderman (DE)
gtv`arni (DE)
fnTc^h3ll (NL)

Neddeh from [ToG] - http://ned.theoldergamers.com/
For use of his server.

sequentiaL gaming - http://www.sql-gaming.com
For use of their server

My clan, Adversus 
#adversus on irc.ausirc.net or quakenet

iceman34	(AU)
angelus		(AU)
riCo		(AU) (actually, skip rico)
goober		(AU)
mahadeva	(AU)
noname-		(AU)
tursimo		(AU)
KAD			(AU) lol!

Hectorz (AU) - but not Moley (AU)
Vamped (AU)
haste (AU)
slant (AU)

Programs used
- Enemy Territory and ETPro
- GtkRadient 1.5.0
- Adobe Photoshop CS
- Crimson Editor 3.60
- Wood Workshop 1.00.0512
- Winzip

Change log

+ generator icon
+ lights
= door goes through roof
= alpha cart wheel
= doors chalked on bottom
+ passage through to generator
+ more damage to buildings
+ teamdoor at truck
+ shell corner of building above door1
+ window behind desk
= close/modify alley
= half height tree blocking door-door LOS
= break up CP courtyard with trees/bushes
= floating windows on building next to allied 1st spawn

+ added allied autospawn change to flag when truck is back in first half
= changed building route near allied first spawn
- removed spare room near office
+ added gardens near axis second spawn
+ added real terrain in cp area 
+ added more props in streets ("prefabed" from grush)
= rescaled windows/doors/railings
+ fixed clipramps added for various doors
+ fixed railings near CP odd clipping
+ fixed side door
+ added crater(s) to terrain for coolness
= changed truck, now indestructible (after initial repair)

- made

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