The Axis are attempting to escape Eastwards from Northern Italy with a train cargo of booty. To do this they need to fix the a train with...


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The Axis are attempting to escape Eastwards from Northern Italy with a train cargo of booty. To do this they need to fix the a train with spares on a truck. Trouble is that the Allies are on to them!

The map is made up of 3 open areas connected by road and rail tunnels. The objectives are the vehicles, the road tunnel barrier and 2 rail bridge barriers.

Axis have to get the Spares Truck to the Train, fix the train, then get the Train back across the bridges to the waiting cargo to win.

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bridges_beta5 readme: Dec 30th 2005

bridges_beta5 is the 5th stage of development of the bridges ET map, project, hobby 
by mrfin aka Neil. This is (in theory) the last beta version. Work is in progress on the 
team voice announcements for the final and the spawn system may still need a final tweak.

Changes since beta4:

All sound entities have been removed and a new .sps file made for environment sounds.
Have added a small music clip to set the scene at the start and here and there as the game advances

Health cabinet moved from Sawmill tunnel to boathouse where it will be more use

removed crew serve near the truck barrier

Added a foot tunnel from the mill tunnel to the 1st rail tunnel. This will ease access to the 
boathouse rail bridge at the start of the game for allies and the same for axis later after the 
train has crossed the boathouse rail bridge

extended the covered access to the boathouse railbridge in rail tunnel 2

added covered access to sawmill area from tunnel 1. Also added other cover at this exposed area

altered the arrangement of train splines so that train doesn't get stuck near the command post in tunnel 2

Loads of other minor amends, adjustments and additions...

email: [email protected] 

progress on this map can be found at:

Map details:

Time Limit: 30 minutes. Spawn time: 30 seconds allies, 20 seconds axis

spawn entities for 64 players

Modes supported: objective 
(isn't set up for lms)


Thanks are in order to many - to the developers/creators of RTCW, ET, RADIENT, EASY GEN
.... a long list. Thanks all for the brilliant work, resulting toys and tools 

Thanks again to those from the Splash Damage ET level design forum for their patience and help.

Big thanks to Chruker who helped me with script issues.

Huge thanks to Schaffer who kindly made the excellent Command Map - again. the long suffering girlfriend/computer widow... ooops :)


As far as copyright goes all I can say is that nearly all of this map is made using assets from 
ET - textures, models, sounds etc. and these belong their rightful owners.

However, the actual map is a work in progress project of mine - so DO NOT alter it without my permission.

(I have come across a server running beta3 where some moron or other has made a terrible job of altering
textures. Thing that annoys me most is that they didn't even bother to change the name of the map - 
so now people that come across this server will think that this is my work - oh well)

The map is also free and should not be used in any way commercially.

Anyhow - I Hopy you enjoy it  

Neil aka. mrfin

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