Byzantine is a large, dual-objective, city-themed map. The original inspiration was the city of Istanbul, but it has since changed to a poi...


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Byzantine is a large, dual-objective, city-themed map. The original inspiration was the city of Istanbul, but it has since changed to a point where it no longer bears any resemblance to that city, save for a couple of place names.


- Dual objective - City themed - Built for 20+ players (minimum) - Both sides must cap two objectives - One objective is behind a dynamitable door, the second objective is behind a constructable wall/fence and must be disassembled (1.5 chargebar) first in order to uncover the returnable objective - 2 level command map - Overview graphic is included in .zip file or can be found at:

Recommended Player Load: 20+ players, large map. Has been tested on a 60-slot server and seems to hold up under a lot of people

Gameplay Notes:

- There is a passage thru the middle from the Docks to the Mosque, which has a team door on either end. Therefore, this can only be used if you have a covert with a uniform - The command post and forward spawn are near the Mosque. The only midfield East-West route is via the Mosque courtyard. The forward flag is placed halfway between the spawn points and the objectives for each side - Ammo and health cabinets are in seperate stores in the middle of the Covered Market (Kapali Carsi) - Stairwells into cistern level are labeled as Yerabatan Saray (Basilica Cisterns) and Cemberlitas Hamami (Cemberlitas Baths)

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Download '' (11.43MB)

Long Name:  Byzantine
Short Name:  Byzantine-final



- Everyone on the Splash Damage mapping forums for putting up with a lot of n00b questions
- Mean Mr. Mustard for helping me figure out why my scripts weren't working
- Drakir for a fabulous forward spawn point prefab w/ script as well as a couple other prefabs- highly recommend this (
- Hummer for making the trans_red version of the secret docs model, and making both versions of the gold
- Seven_DC for a great neutral command post prefab w/ script ( - highly recommend this
- ^WJ|Apple for some of his Dubrovnik textures (edits of some mediterranean textures from
- Team Wolfjaeger for lots of creative input
- Team Charter's Phalanx for additional input and for putting the map up on their server
- Sock and his Simland site for some of the Egyptsoc_ textures
- for graphics of Iznik tiles for the mosque
- Art from Subverse (
- MG42 prefabs by Deathstick (available from
- A few posters by Dawg
- Trash models and textures from Black Rayne
- Feedback, comments, and suggestions from a ton of people.  For those who took the time to provide meaningful feedback, I tried to tastefully work your name into the map somewhere.

Additions since last release:
- Broke up the skyline somewhat (b3)
- Added signage (b3)
- Fixed the .sps file (b3)
- Added the tracemap (b3)
- Added clutter to the streets (b3)
- Replaced all the windows (b3)
- Created some more second story sections (b5)
- Added 2 constructable machineguns (b5)
- Revamped the two-teamdoor passage (b5)
- Eliminated one major passageway along the east side of the map, the one which allowed teams moving from their spawn points to totally miss each other (b5)
- Seperated Axis and Allied spawns into 2 seperate selectable spawn points each. (b5)
- Added period posters at random spots in the map.  Unfortunately, couldn't find any in Turkish (b5)
- Clipped the crap out of a bunch of building tops (b7)
- Changed the texture on the mosque from marble to white stucco.  Should make it less bright for those who max out their competition brightness settings (b7)
- Added ladder access from market interior to upper passage (b8)
- Retextured cisterns and baths (b8)
- Replaced models (normal and trans_red) and command map icons for radio codes and axis gold (b8)
- Replaced construction crate command map icons for the radio/radar cabinets (b8)
- Improved edge of map, by water (b8)
- Opened up top of market (b8)
- Added store fronts to outside of market (b8)
- Started axis safehouse and dock warehouse doors constructed at game start (b8)
- Open up more access to the roof of the covered market (b8)
- Added storefronts to the outside of the covered market (b8)
- Added more signage (b8)
- Added more lighting (b8)
- Fixed some light leakage in the German Embassy and the two rooms overlooking the Mosque Courtyard (b8)
- Added a ramp of clip material in the baths to address issue of people getting hung up on the bottom stairs (b8)
- Edited the objdata file to make it more apparent that this map is dual-objective and that each side has two objectives to capture and secure.  You will see this when you are a spectator and open the limbo menu (b8)
- Moved Allied constructible MG forward a bit (b9)
- Added some more lighting and fixed light leakage (b9)
- Added garbage cans and park benches (models from Black Rayne) (b9)

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