Chartwell, England, 1943. Axis have launched a surprise paratroop attack on Chartwell, the home of Winston Churchill, to steal the plans for the D-Day invasion.



File type	Map for "Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory"

Title		Chartwell
File name	chartwell_130.pk3
Map name	chartwell
Version		1.3.0   (Created November 2008)
Author		2Bit 
Other 2Bit maps	www.pythononline.co.uk/et

Nbr of players	Recommended 6-16 per team

Installation	Put the pk3 file into the etmain folder.

v1.3.0		Command Post moved to the west side of the house, and allied outdoor spawn moved to southwest corner.
		This gives the allies a better chance to intervene when axis try to get the docs to the CP.
		Several doors left in the open position to cut down on all the door slamming!

Scenario	1943, Chartwell, England.  Axis paratroops attack the home of Churchill to steal the D-Day plans.

Axis Victory	Axis win if they successfully steal and transmit the D-Day plans before the map timer expires.

Gameplay	Axis initial spawn is at the the buildings in the grounds of the house.

		If they destroy the AA gun or the AA gun controls then the Axis spawn changes randomly for every Axis spawn,
		with the spawners arriving at any part of the map. Allies must repair both in order to prevent Axis paratroopers.
		This makes the Axis attack easier as they can attack from any direction.

		To enter the house Axis must destroy the Main door or either of the side doors.

		Axis must grab the key from the Dining Room and take it to the Safe in the Study. Either of the Study doors
		must be destroyed to get in (one needs dyna, one needs satchel).

		Once the Safe is opened, take the D-Day plans to the Command Post for victory.

		Axis Cov Ops can booby trap the entrances to the AA gun and AA gun controls, by standing nearby for a few seconds.
		Allied Cov Ops can defuse them in the same way. Booby traps show as faint transparent bars, and are set off
		if an allied soldier touches them.

Gamemodes	Objective, Stopwatch.

Thanks to	Splash Damage and Activision for everything.
		Detoeni for his excellent models.
		The textures were drawn from many sources, so I'd like to thank the following for
		their invaluable contribution:
			LeMog, DaveGH, BerneyBoy, Uchronic, Blushing Bride, Chavo One, Massive, StormShadow and Nightwolf.
		And anyone else whose texture I may have inadvertently used.
		TibeT Clan and associates for testing and feedback.

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