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What was supposed to be a peaceful meeting at a popular fast food place turned into a warground over the jukebox, given the conf...


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What was supposed to be a peaceful meeting at a popular fast food place turned into a warground over the jukebox, given the conflicting musical tastes. After both sides constructed a Fort Concrete, the fight was on to see who will be the Bucket Masters!

Allied Objectives:

1: Primary1 : Don't let the Axis control the jukebox 2: Primary2 : Play the Allied song on the jukebox 3: Secondary1 : DOn't let the Axis build a Command Post 4: Secondary2 : Build a Command Post

Axis Objectives:

1: Primary1 : Keep control of the jukebox 2: Primary2 : Keep the Allies from activating the jukebox 3: Secondary1 : Build a Command Post 4: Secondary2 : Don't let the Allies build a Command Post

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Chicken Bucket by Tasian

A multiplayer map for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, a simple King of the Hill type match

This is not my homepage, but I go here alot:

E-mail: [email protected]


Install this map by placing the file (bucket_v1.pk3) into the etmain directory of your Enemy Territory folder. (C:\...\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain for example)


Map Information

Filename: bucket_v2
Menu Name: Chicken Bucket
Gametypes: wolfmp wolfsw
Players: Up to 32 per team is supported
Version: 2.0
Release: --


Map changes

Version 1

- First public release

Version 2

- Fixed the script so when a team wins, it constantly checks to make sure the jukebox is disabled.

- Widened the drive-thru windows and placed vent ramps for easier access

- Filled in some missing textures

- Changed the spawn layout a little bit for easier access to the springing roof

- Added some late entries for the posters


Additional Notes

For best results for, as the French say, "le ambience", run this command on the console: /r_picmip 0 -- (Your FPS may suffer a bit, but you'll be able to read the posters the Bucketeers worked hard on.) You can set it back to /r_picmip 1 later.

Again, thanks to all the Bucketeers (and anyone else, for that matter) that play my maps, I hope you have lots of fun with 'em.

Thanks to Drakir for his excellent prefabs!


Copyright Permissions.

ID, Activision & Splash Damage. Original game rights.

Raffi - "Banana Phone"
Duo de Pelikaan - "Hosse Hosse Hosse"
Whoever wrote the Happy Days Song - "Happy Days"
German Version of the Mario Dance - "Macht da Mario"

If you have any comments or criticisms about this map, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] or post at the Chicken Bucket forum. (

Authors may NOT use this level, Chicken Bucket, as a base to build additional levels.
Authors may NOT use the custom textures in this pk3, but it's not like I'll stop you if you do.

You may distribute this BSP through any electronic network, providing it's not for profit, you include this file and leave the archive intact.

You may NOT distribute this archive on CD-ROM or DVD (or other media) without written permission.

Needs more cowbell.

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