Christmas Pack

xmaspack_2008.zip —


Christmas time is here and this year I present a pack of the best xmas changes for a big server (That means, a lot is changed with such a small file size!)



It was made for the Prime Squadron Community (www.prime-squadron.com) and ischbinz from the Easy Company (www.eco-fairplay.com) helped me very friendly. Feel free to add it too your server. 15 Changes for exactly 1 Megabyte! 


* Allies hat green 
* Axis hat red 
* Mine Skin tree 
* Knife changed to a wand 
* Grenade (Allies) changed, snowball 
* Grenade (Axis) changed, snowball 
* Grenade Icon (WeaponIcon) Changed to a snowball 
* Ammo pack Changed 
* Medic Pack Changed 
* New Xmas Progressbar 
* Mortar shell is a Santa 
* Flags (Axis & Allies) changed 
* 2 News files: 
* - "Achmed the dead Terrorist - Jingle Bombs" 
* - "Hohohoho"

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