Citadel - Objective Edition

Here is Marko and company's remake of Citadel. This time, it is an objective map. View the readme below for more details, but my immediate...


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Here is Marko and company's remake of Citadel. This time, it is an objective map. View the readme below for more details, but my immediate reaction is: :rock:

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Citadel Objective: 

Map by Marko, JimBob, Lowlife & Bob le Roux

Command map by Bob le Roux 

Ideas, feedback, bug reporting and objective layout by BT|Svarvsven 

A tournament edition of this map will soon be available. It comprizes all the citadel 
objective edition features in adddition to changes requested by BT Clan players, 
such as moving the command post, no forward spawn for allies, spawn times of 30 seconds 
and a few litle tweaks. This version was named Svarvadel, in reference to Svarvsven 
who requested it.

About the Map:

The Citadel - Objective Edition map is a remake of the citadel map). Citadel 
was based on the RTCW CP game type, where the winner team was the first to 
capture the 5 flags on a map. Unfortuntately, the map layout wasn't really 
appropriate to this and the 5 flags were sometimes all switched together simultaneously
by 1 team, leading to victory but also total confusion. This game type would have been 
far more appropriate on a linear map in the style of the RTCW mp_destruction map.

In this version of the map, the overall structure hasn't changed. On the other hand, 
all flags have been removed and there's now objectives. Allies and axis still spawn 
in the same places but there now is a forward spawn that allies gain after completing 
one of the objectives. In a first part of the map, they have to rob an ammo crate from 
a building and take it to the gun. They can then activate the lever below the gun to 
fire it & break the citadel ammo building. Once the gun is fired, a big gun shot will 
be heard and the citadel ammo building wall will be ripped open, giving direct access 
to the ammo crates, which is the final objective. 

Testing Team:

A great thanks to the Shit-Storm ( clan for all their help on the 
testing of this map. We'd also like to thank S.S Heirpie for setting it all up for us
and getting all the players on the server.

[FuN] Clan testing team: Mazza, BrainBug, Scott, Cedox, Senecawolf, Compuwolf, 
(Hordak's new nick), Shadow, DanDaily, Klaus, Fragsey... (

We'd also like to thank all the following guys for coming on the beta testing: Gwain, 
HK, YourLeftTesticle, Chris, Wakka, JimBOB, M8D DrStock, M8D Nephelim, CsC Bouncer, 
CsC Kobayashi, Siffer, Inc, Lowlife, TNT-Coffee, =FF=im2weak4u, =SWAT= Kenny, 
Heirpie, BigBadWolf, Bomanfromkoc, 78500, pandantageul, loyolas, Dumak, carlsen, 
Wauyeah, Maiden, Wariorde, CriPpLe, bumeu, h3r3Sy, Alcapone, An0nYm3, F4nTA, chewawa, 
Daf, Kriterium, Dumak, Led, LNA_Gary, Asy, snake99, Bebar, SQLMAlfa, -7CO- Team and 
so many others...

Additionnal Info & download mirror:

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