Objectives: - The allies are to locate and destroy the real decoder device. - The axis must protect the real decoder and the docume...

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File Description

Objectives: - The allies are to locate and destroy the real decoder device. - The axis must protect the real decoder and the document that reveal its location.

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 Basic Information

Author		: Leif Hugo 'Life' Vårum
Email	:

 Map Information

Game		: Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Title		: Decoder_Beta2
Filename	: decoder_beta2.pk3
Version         : Beta 2 Version
Release date	: 18/11/2005
Decription	: First public release of a map with relocatable objectives.

Installation	: Place the decoder_beta2.pk3 in your etmain folder, select it from the multiplayer->create server menu or
                  bring down the console and type: map decoder_beta2

 Additional Map Information/Credits

Credits and thanks:
	-Thanks to Splash Damage/ID Software/Activision for a great game
	-Thanks to NW.MadMatt and NW.Superdeformed for the great voice-overs!
	-Thanks to NW.MadMatt for voice-over post processing!
	-Thanks to NW.Ferrolux for promo work!
	-Thanks to clan Night Watch for patiently trying out each new version I threw at them
	-Thanks to clan VPL for helping us test the map in a match
	-Thanks to -Wags- for finding lots of small bugs in the last version
	-Thanks to Loffy for letting me have a look at the 'Duplex Tower' map file
	-Thanks to Ifurita for sign-template texures and all the work he has done for the ET community (both mappers and players)
	-lh-alliedposter taken from NASJONALBIBLIOTEKETS online public archives ( )
	-lh_darkconcrete3, lh-grass2 and skybox by me (Leif Hugo Vårum). Free for use by anyone[/list]

Gameplay hints:
-Allies should probably build the ramp so they can attack the main gate or flag from two directions
-A covert might be usefull for allies. (Blow up the the fence, provide smoke cover inside main gate, 
sneak in and look at the documents)
-Axis must decide if they want to defend only the real decoder or set up a 'fake defence' by the other decoders

Changelog ->Beta 2:
-Added custom voice-overs for decoder location
-Added second doorway at the side off the long hallway
-Fixed a missing texture 
-Fixed floating MGs
-Buttons now disappear when 'move period' times out
-Added some lights in the long shed
-Adjusted a door frame in the long shed

changelog ->Beta 1:
-Axis can now decide the location of the decoder during the first few seconds of the match
-Added text message to axis about decoder location in the first spawn
-Renamed Labs...included their color in command map name
-Added voiceover when spawn flag is captured
-Added grate in courtyeard since water is audible there
-Made the exit from axis second spawn more visible
-Add some cover in the hall inside main entrance to base
-Added another route into lab 3
-Added cover (tree) for MG fire between battlements and fence
-Adjusted light several places.
-Darkened unlit locations (lower minlight)
-Added some more props to Lab 2 and Lab 3
-Decreased size of pk3 file (~7 to ~5 mb)
-Fixed: Axis spawn light bleed
-Fixed: doc room light bleeding
-Fixed: light bleed in the tunnel that leads to the decoder book
-Fixed: light bleed in the shooting gallery:
-Fixed: in the covert ops water tunnel, there are several spots where the water "splashes"
-Fixed: The top of the team flags on the constructables don't attach to anything:
-Fixed: Clip tap model in lab 1
-Fixed: It's possible to get inside pipe in yellow hall:
-Fixed: It's possible to get inside the pillars on the bridge
-Fixed: It's possible to get inside of 2 of the 3 telegraph poles
-Fixed: The rear-right wheel of the truck is floating:
-Fixed: The bars covering the pipe in Yellow lab don't reach to the top
-Fixed: Light in yellow lab floats
-Fixed: There's some showing caulk in the roof above the corridor bend in lab 2.
-Fixed: Guard post brush has door properties and moves
-Fixed: 2 floating trees by allied first spawn
-Fixed: Remove possibility to go outside map (2 places?)
-Fixed: Can 'float' on top of ramp stone
-Fixed: In the covert ops water tunnel, there is a light spot on the ceiling / water
-Fixed: Can get stuck behind the wall by the fence
-Fixed: There is a wee tiny gap where the ground meets the main gate/entrance
-Fixed: You can get stuck behind the building that the command post is in
-Fixed: Possible to enter base by 'running up the side'
-Fixed: Floating sign for Lab 3
-Fixed: At the main entrance, a bit of wood that is flush on the left side, but sticks out on the right
-Fixed: The Right MG nest in the Axis base isn't flush with the wall
-Fixed: The left side of the loading dock is floating off the ground
-Fixed: When you exit the pipe into the main water area, the water doesn't fully reach the edge of the wall (nor does the floor or ceiling)
-Fixed: Swim under the exit platform, right to the end), the water doesn't touch one of the walls
-Fixed: The legs of the fence steps don't touch the floor neither does one of the fench posts
-Fixed: The legs of the Allied ramp only barely touch the floor - there are huge gaps under them
-Fixed: The 3rd telegraph pole doesn't have a "lid"
-Fixed: Tree next to the small pond where the trunk is half out of the ground

Tools used:
-GtkRadiant ( )
-Q3Map2 ( )
-The Gimp ( )
-Visual C++ compiler (For text file processing) 
-Visual Sourcesafe (Microsoft)
-Zip utility from Info-zip (
-TerraGen (for skybox) free at

 Problems still to be resolved

-Objectives not ticked as completed
-Fix some small light bleeds
-Amplify volume of voice overs slightly
-Improve surrounding mountains a bit


Please leave feedback in the Night Watch mapping forum:


Copyright © 2005
This level may be electronically distributed only at
NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST
include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN

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