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File Description


# The allies are to locate and destroy the real decoder device # The axis must protect the real decoder and the document that reveal its location

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Re-Upload Request Restoration

 Basic Information

Author		: Leif Hugo 'Life' Vårum
Email	:	leifhv
address	:

 Map Information

Game		: Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Title		: Decoder_Beta4
Filename	                     : decoder_beta4.pk3
Version                            : Beta 4 Version
Release date	: 26/02/2006
Decription	                     : Beta4 release of a map with relocatable objectives.

Installation	: Place the decoder_beta4.pk3 in your etmain folder, select it from the multiplayer->create server menu or
                  bring down the console and type: map decoder_beta4
                 Also, if you're running ETPro put the file called decoder_etpro.pk3 in your ETPro folder to avoid the appearance
                  of command map icons around the compass

 Additional Map Information/Credits

The major change for this release is that the team door in the sewer section of the base is now dynamitable. This will make
it easier for the allies to gain entry into the research station. The axis will have to divide their attention on this area
and the main gate area when defending the station.

Credits and thanks:
	-Thanks to Splash Damage/ID Software/Activision for a great game
	-Thanks to NW.MadMatt and NW.Superdeformed for the great voice-overs!
	-Thanks to NW.MadMatt for voice-over post processing!
	-Thanks to NW.Ferrolux for promo work!
	-Thanks to clan Night Watch and clan VPL for testing!
	-Thanks to -Wags- for finding lots of small bugs
	-Thanks to Loffy for letting me have a look at the 'Duplex Tower' map file
	-Thanks to Ifurita for sign-template texures and all the work he has done for the ET community (both mappers and players)
	-lh-alliedposter taken from NASJONALBIBLIOTEKETS online public archives ( )
	-lh_darkconcrete3, lh-grass2, document cm-icon and skybox by me (Leif Hugo Vårum). Free for use by anyone

Gameplay hints:
-Allies should probably build the ramp so they can attack the main gate or flag from two directions
-A covert might be usefull for allies. (Blow up the the fence, provide smoke cover inside main gate, 
sneak in and look at the documents)
-Axis must decide if they want to defend only the real decoder or set up a 'fake defence' by the other decoders

Changelog Beta 3b->Beta 4
-Made the sewer door dynamitable
-Made the 'target' area for the fence larger
-Rearranged crates in 'corridor of death' slightly
-Put a crate behind the truck in 'courtyard'
-Brightened the map even more
-Modified area around lake slighly and added a tree
-Moved the spawn flag a bit further away from the axis spawn hut
-Fixed some brush/texture errors
-Added command map icon for document
-Remade the road leading up to the main gate
-Modified colors for command map
-Corrected the voice overs at the start of the round
-New logo in command map
-New levelshot picture
-Created an etpro-shaders pk3 file

Tools used:
-GtkRadiant ( )
-Q3Map2 ( )
-The Gimp ( )
-Visual C++ compiler (For text file processing) 
-Visual Sourcesafe (Microsoft)
-Zip utility from Info-zip (
-TerraGen (for skybox) free at

 Problems still to be resolved

-Fix some small light bleeds and some ugly shadows
-Update command map when allies find decoder location


Please leave feedback in the Night Watch mapping forum:


Copyright © 2006
This level may be electronically distributed only at
NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST
include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN

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