Den of Lions

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"**Dual Objective Map**.The Axis...


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"**Dual Objective Map**.The Axis and Allied forces have setup a swap. Each side is acting alone without headquarters knowledge. The allies are to exchange a high ranking prisoner they have captured for a large quantity of gold the axis had stolen in a raid. The exchange is to take place at noon. Each side has decided to abandon the deal and secure their objectives before the exchange is to take place."

// Allied Objective Descriptions wm_objective_allied_desc 1 "Primary Objective:**Destroy Axis safe door to gain entry." wm_objective_allied_desc 2 "Primary Objective:**Defend cell door from Axis entry." wm_objective_allied_desc 3 "Primary Objective:**Steal the gold and get away in the truck waiting at your base." wm_objective_allied_desc 4 "Primary Objective:**Guard the prisoner." wm_objective_allied_desc 5 "primary Objective:**Destroy the axis Command Post." wm_objective_allied_desc 6 "Secondary Objective:**Build the Command Post." wm_objective_allied_desc 7 "Secondary Objective:**Get forward flag."

// Axis Objective Descriptions wm_objective_axis_desc 1 "Primary Objective:**Defend safe door from Allied entry." wm_objective_axis_desc 2 "Primary Objective:**Destroy cell door to gain entry." wm_objective_axis_desc 3 "Primary Objective:**Guard the gold." wm_objective_axis_desc 4 "Primary Objective:**Breakout the prisoner and get him to the Red Cross for treatment." wm_objective_axis_desc 5 "Secondary Objective:**Build the Command Post." wm_objective_axis_desc 6 "Primary Objective:**Destroy the allied Command Post." wm_objective_axis_desc 7 "Secondary Objective:**Get forward flag."

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SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS	: set your com_hunkmegs to 72 if allocation error (NOTE below on how to do it)
Title                   : Den of Lions			
Date                    : 12:28 PM 1/27/2004	                			 
pk3 name		: denoflions_etdual.pk3
Filename		: denoflions_etdual.bsp
Author                  : Dan "RivrStyx" Dorn
Email Address           : mailto:[email protected]
Web				:
Description             : dual obj play for Enemy Territory
Players			: 40-64 players                        

Additional Credits to   : id software and Gray Matter

Beta testing:  Team-Resurrection (

Running on Server:  -=Res=- Customs - 60 player server


NOTE: /set com_hunkmegs	72 (if you get an Hunk Allocation error when loading)

Go into another map ...aka Battery... pull down console with the (tilde) ~ key. 
Type in /set com_hunkmegs 72 (or you can put this in your autoexec.cfg to exec automatically.)

Now you can play Den of Lions and maps will load faster as a bonus. Most players already do this.

- Construction -

Base                    : New level from scratch originally for RTCW (converted for ET play)
Editor(s) used          : GTKRadiant
Known Bugs              : None.

- Copyright / Permissions -

This level is (c) 2004 Dan Dorn.
You may not include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial product without 
permission from the author.  You may not mass distribute this level via any 
non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks.
You may not Redo/reproduce/update this map in any way without permission from the author.

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