Desert Temple

You just can't go wrong with this one,top quality team strategy and hours of return matches ahead,great layout and use of game textures,one...


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You just can't go wrong with this one,top quality team strategy and hours of return matches ahead,great layout and use of game textures,one of Marko's strongest points to his mapping style! The thought of yet another update to this soon to be classic is welcomed..keep it up Marko! Reviewed by Det Pak

Things added since the last version: 1. MG42 gun nest on allied side of canyon 2. fix the tank / bridge bug 3. make the tank weaker 4. a wooden structure that is satchel blowable to protect the temple sarcofage room and help axis on defense 5. a second tank barrier just after the fort 6. wait a little more before moving the axis spawn into the temple so they can hold the fort a little longer 7. fix the little texture glitches 8. the gold no longer needs to be returned to the initial spawn bu to the tank 9. the caves have been extended and have an exit in front of the temple

Spawning Features: Each team has 4 different spawn points which move along with combat. There's no flag to capture this time and all the spawn movement is defined by the progresion of the tank... Allies will always get a spawn in the tank surroundings and axis will have their spawn ready to defend :)

Map Features: 1 tank to escort right through the map 2 buildable bridges across a canyon 1 tank barrier 3 MG42 guns 1 health & ammo cab 3 player-activated traps in the temple 1 buildable scaffold for escaping with the gold 1 neutral command post

Allied Objectives:

  • 1. Escort the Tank to the temple (need to build a bridge and pass a tank barrier) in order to blow the temple entrance door
  • 2. Fight your way across the temple to the sarcofage and rob the gold
  • 3. Return the gold to the tank

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Download '' (4.16MB)

Map Name: Desert Temple 2

Authors info : JIM_BOB7813 & Marko
Name: JIM_BOB7813
E-mail: [email protected]

Name: Marko
ICQ #: 86320900
MSN: [email protected]

extract the PK3 using WINZIP, or WINRAR into your
Etmain folder. Something like this (C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy 
Run the game, and play.

Special Thanks:
-Chris Stockslager AKA emPulse for making the command map

-TazzMajazzChris, [FUN] Scott, Lethal Banana, Wakka, YHCIR the HoG's
 clan & Dr.Stock for massive testing and bug reporting

-Swat & [email protected] clan guys for suggestions & ideas

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