Desert Temple Final

During the long fights in northern Africa against Rommel's troups, a small forward guard post reports axis activity around a temple loca...


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During the long fights in northern Africa against Rommel's troups, a small forward guard post reports axis activity around a temple located in the desert. The temple is supposed to be an ancient gold storage. Allied Troups are send there to investigate the temple and return a sample of gold from the temple sarcophage room....

Allied Objectives: 1. Escort the Tank to the temple (need to build a bridge and pass a tank barrier) in order to blow the temple entrance door

2. Fight your way across the temple to the sarcofage and rob the gold

3. Return the gold to the tank

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Download '' (4.18MB)

extract the PK3 using WINZIP, or WINRAR into your
Etmain folder. Something like this (C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy 
Run the game, and play.

Temple - the making of:

We'd like to thank the following guys for all the help they gave me in creating & improving this map:

EmPulse: command map maker

[FuN]Scott & [FuN]Svarvsven: main map testers

Testing Team:

[FUN] guys: Scott, Marty, Cedox, Capt Darling, Armistice, Hordak, Jaysi, SenecaWolf, Whatever, Choller (

M8D guys: Dr. Stock, DukeRespawn & Nephlim (

Logan, Chris-s, Lowlife, CrAzY-NuTTeR, Heirpie, Darkfire, KN1GHTMAR3, Humpty-Dumpty, LdysMn317, Siffer, SilverSurfer,
S.S. PoNS, c0s7, CrazyMexican, Yhcir, Lethal Banana, Wakka, S-Fos Skalman, Bouncer & Mr Battery

Special thanks to Clan Quality ( for lending us their server for the map testing

Map Features:

1 tank to escort right through the map
2 buildable bridges across a canyon
1 tank barrier
3 MG42 guns
1 health & ammo cab
3 player-activated traps in the temple
1 buildable scaffold for escaping with the gold
1 neutral command post

Changes since last version:

- added a forward spawn for allies in the church ruins, just opposite the tank
bridge (axis side of the canyon) which gives a function to cov ops in that part of
the map
- made spawns fully functionnal with selectable spawns limbo menu for both teams
- made the tank 50% faster
- added 3 times more tank passage points in order to avoid it having run 50 miles
after being killed (lol, Kenny hated that bug)
- moved the 1rst tank barrier closer to the command post 
- moved axis spawns in the fort (2nd axis spawn) in the inside part of the fort
which means they have a longer distance to run & can't be spawn killed as easily
- corrected the invisible ramp on the bridge just at the exit of the first axis spawn
- moved the 2nd tank barrier closer to the temple
- moved the little axis buildable mg42 that was after the fort to the first floor of
the temple (improve axis defense in that area)
- added a home made mini-mod: allies start the map with 15 min and the time is
gradually extended to 32 as the tank progresses. This avoids playing 32 min at the
canyon being slaughtered. It's just a way to end games that aren't fun where the

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