Document Raid

The Allies must steal documents and escape with them


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The Allies must steal documents and escape with them

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Map Objectives
	 1)Repair and escort tank in position
	 2)Steal Docs and take them back to tank
	 3)Escort tank back home
	 1)Build CP (gives extra spawn)
	 2)Build and protect bridge to allow tank pass it

	 1)Stop Allies stealing the tank
	 2)Slow down tank
	 3)Protect Docs
	 4)Stop allied team escaping with docs
	 1)Build CP (gives extra spawn)
	 2)Keep bridge unbuild and sacthel it if it's built


All people involved testing the map and who gave me nice feedback about map :)

BattleRat for placing very buggy first test release on public server to get it properly tested.
J4M32 for advicing me with pk3 package thingys and all stuff that should be inside package. He also compiled first versions of the map before i got my radiant working properly.
Polter for pointing some major bugs and gameplay problems in early versions.
Anakin for some nice ideas for map :-P also made me realise few more bugs and how to solve them :)

Creators of all tutorials i used to learn mapping :-) Some REALLY nice help in them.

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