Dubrovnik (Beta 1) README file

Time Limit: 12 minutes Ideal team size: 6 v 6 Modes supported: Stopwatch, Objective, Campaign



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Dubrovnik (Beta 1) README file

Time Limit: 12 minutes Ideal team size: 6 v 6 Modes supported: Stopwatch, Objective, Campaign


Apple - initial concept and lots of brushwork GW - Saving Apple's lost map and preserving the bsp Vitriol - lots of brushwork and stuff Iffy - for more crates Firefly - Church and conversion of Detoeni models Deteoni - Tiger and PW222 models Cptn Triscuit - key card model Members of team Applesauce, No Remorse, Wolfjaeger, and Ride My Camel for providing a substantial amount of constructive and valuable feedback


The city of Dubrovnik has been turned into an Axis clearing house for looted art and gold. A shipment of gold is being stored in a heavily reinforced church, awaiting transport to Germany. The Allied strike team, must disable power to the church, breach the front doors, and escape with the gold within 12 minutes. Any longer and reinforcements from nearby garrisons will seal off the city, making escape impossible.

Allies on offense

1. Obtain key card 2. Use key card to disable generator - this will shut power to the church vault security doors 3. Breach the church main doors 4. Grab the box of gold 5. Take the gold to the boat and esacape

Change Log:

First Playable to Beta 1

Reduced file size by 2.2Mb Remade church Detailed rooms Added more game status detail to command map and command map icons Added a dock_gate that server admins can enable via a script fix Added back alley to church

Alpha variants to First Playable

Reduced axis spawn time to 25 Reduced map time limit to 10 Made dirt areas minable Made rooftops near forward spawn slick Added vehicles for cover Added back exit (axis only) to forward spawn Moved axis spawn blobs back Blocked LOS from allied spawn to square Made church doors repairable and satchelable Made dock staircase a constructible Added some clutter and trees to map Added ladder to enable access to church annex roof Clipped off access to open ocean Moved ammo and health racks back towards the one way alley Moved key card to dock office Made the church door start built Revamped Axis spawn Clipped off roofs around the perimeter

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