Eagles 2

The Axis has to stop the Allies from retrieving a document containing a list of Axis spies in Schoss Adler, also known as the Castle Of Eagl...


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The Axis has to stop the Allies from retrieving a document containing a list of Axis spies in Schoss Adler, also known as the Castle Of Eagles, and to stop them from escaping the country with the document!

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Map Info - Eagles 2

This is a remake of Drakir's map Eagles1. It is based on the map source file release by Drakir in 2004. Some objectives have been changed from the original version and several have been added - please check objective list and command map for details. Architecture have been changed and some new sturctures added, and game atmosphere is also changed by adjusting lightning and sound. Thanks to Drakir for releasing the map source for this map, I hope players will enjoy this remake but credits should still go Drakir for an excellent map idea and layout. 

 Map Details

Author		: Rikard "Drakir" Lindgren / Eagles2 remake by Scrupus
Map Name	: Eagles2 Alpha 6
BSP Name	: eagles2_a5
Release date	: 2007-03-11
Release type	: Alpha/Playtest
Gametime	: 40 minutes (20+10+10)
Suggested teams	: 6 vs 6
Max players	: 20 vs 20 (40 spawnslots)
Gametypes	: Objective,Campaign,Stopwatch
Gameengine	: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

 Map Objectives

#. Destroy the Avalanche wall and the Side Tunnel to gain access to Werfen Village.
#. Capture the Town Spawn Flag, this will force axis back to the castle.
#. Dynamite the door to the tram station so allies can get access to the trams. This will also make the Town Spawn permanent.
#. Take the trams up to Schloss Adler (Castle of eagles) and capture the Castle Spawn Flag.
#. Steal the documents in the Castle main hall - first time allies steal them will make Castle Spawn permanent.
#. Damage the Generator to open the library doors under the main hall, for alternative attack route. 
#. Bring the documents to the Bus Garage in the Werfen Village.
#. Escort the bus to the airfield.
#. Repair the bridge if the axis destroy it, so the bus can get into to the airfield.
#. Destroy the airfield radio to secure the escape from the area - this is final objective.

#. Delay the destruction of the Avalanche wall.
#. Build the High guardtower to get better defence at the side tunnel.
#. Make sure allies don't get the forward spawnflag in the village.
#. Defend the forward spawn in the castle.
#. Defend the documents in the main hall, make sure they dont bring them to the bus.
#. Stop the allies from escorting the bus to the airfield - bus can be damaged with airstrikes and grenades.
#. Destroy the bridge to prevent the bus from reaching the airfield.
#. Defend the airfield radio at all cost - this is final objective.

 Special thanks and Credits to:


#. M8D international for playtesting and bugreports.
#. CSC clan for playtesting.
#. Loffy for playtesting.
#. Shaffer for information about actual WED locations.


Playtesting, bugreports and feedback:

Animal Mother

(let me know if someone is missing)

Contact Information


Author		: Rikard &quot;Drakir&quot; Lindgre
Email address	: [email protected]
Webpage		: http://www.drakir.tk


Author		: Stein &quot;Scrupus&quot; Vråle
Email address	: [email protected]
Webpage		: http://my.opera.com/Scrupus

Bugreports, suggestions and other comments for Eagles2 should be sent to [email protected]

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