this small addon made by [xD] JenkinS you get Emoticons above head for specified Vsays, Class specific icons for a 'Function' Vsay, Misc. icons above head for specified Vsays, Ability to bind emoticons by using Vsay.



// Emot v0.2a //
//[xD] JenkinS//

//	 Contact	//
// [email protected] //

Changes in 0.2a:
-All icons are remade [including emoticons].
-'We need an engineer' icon is now different for axis/allies.
-Deleted [emot6] ':X' emoticon
-Shader fix included
-Added vsays: 
	- FTAttack_emot with [angry] above head 
	- Cheer_emot with ':D' above head
	[Take a note that only your team can see those icons]

With this small addon you get:
-Emoticons above head for specified vsays:
	:D - Thanks
	:) - You're welcome
	:( - Sorry
	:O/:S - Oops
-Class specific icons for a *Function* vsay.
-Misc. icons above head for specified vsays:
	-Where to?
	-We need an engineer [axis/allies]
	-Hold your fire [axis/allies]
	-Fire in the hole [axis/allies]
	-Deploy landmines
	-Disarm the dynamite
	-Escort the vehicle
	-Destroy primary objective
	-Destroy secondary objective
	-Destroy the vehicle
	-Deploy mortar
	-Command acknowledged
	-Command declined
	-Provide sniper cover
	-I'm constructing
	-Repair the vehicle
	-Resupply squad
	-Call in artillery
	-Call an airstrike
	-Go undercover [axis/allies]
	-Disarm landmines
	-Clear the mines [axis/allies]
	-Mines cleared
-Ability to bind emoticons by using vsay:
	- emot1 = :)
	- emot2 = :D
	- emot3 = :(
	- emot4 = :/
	- emot5 = :O
	- emot7 = :S
	- emot8 = [angry]

Thanks to Bwah for giving me more ideas.
Used original graphics from Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - Credits go to: 	Splash Damage and id Software

Have fun.

[axis/allies] means that there are other icons for each of sides.
This addon may not work if others are installed.
This addon may work even if others are installed but then others may not.
Remember to delete older versions of this addon including all fixes.

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