Enemy Territory : Fortress Patch 1.0 - 1.1

Update Patch for ET Fortress.

NOTE: Currently if you join a 1.0 server your DLL files will be overwritten, to get back to 1.1 you can ex...


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Update Patch for ET Fortress.

NOTE: Currently if you join a 1.0 server your DLL files will be overwritten, to get back to 1.1 you can extract (Using Winzip) the DLL from the mp_bin.pk3 in the ETF directory.

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Download 'etf11_update.exe' (23.5MB)

ETF Readme
Last updated 14-JAN-2005

Table of Contents:

 1.1 - Minimum Requirements
 1.2 - Windows Install
 1.3 - *nix Install

 2.1 - Running ETF
 2.2 - Connecting to Servers
 2.3 - Creating a local Server
 2.4 - Using BOTs

 3.1 - Known Issues
 3.2 - Quick Q & A
 3.3 - PB/ET Issues and Fixes

 4.1 - Setting up a Dedicated Server
 4.2 - Creating Videos
 4.3 - Custom HUDs
 4.4 - '$ Strings'

 5.1 - Websites
 5.2 - IRC
 5.3 - Community
 5.4 - Leagues/Ladders





1.1 - Minimum Requirements

ETF, as an Enemy Territory Modification, should run on any machine that
currently runs ET and can accommodate the extra hard drive space required. It
is however noted that to run ETF without a glitch, we reccommend a minimum of:

OS: MS-Windows 98/2000/XP or GNU/Linux
CPU: 900mhz x86
RAM: 256MB

In addition to those of ET itself.

1.2 - Windows Install

ETF comes packaged as an executable installer.

Once downloaded, run the file. You will have to wait for a few seconds
for the downloader to validate itself, before you are presented with the
setup wizard.
After you are presented with this screen, you are taken step by step through
the install process. NB: Remember, the destination folder when choosing your
install location should ALWAYS be that of your ET install!

Once the install has completed, we reccommend you run the auto updater to make
sure your installation is up to date. After this, you can start playing right
away by double clicking the link on the desktop.

1.3 - *nix Install

For the *nix installer, it is downloaded as a self-extracting .run file. Most
browsers will not set the executable flag on this automatically. If the file
will not execute, run 'chmod o+x etf10.x86.run'. After that, it can be started
using './etf10.x86.run'.

The destination folder for the install should be your ET path. The installer
can automatically create a script to run ETF and also add a launcher to KDE
or GNOME start menus.


2.1 - Running ETF

To run ETF, either use the shortcut on your desktop (windows) or launch ET
with following command line arguments:

"...\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ET.exe" +set fs_game etf

If you are using linux, simply type etf in a terminal, or use the launcher in
the KDE/GNOME menus. If you did not give the installer permission to make
these, then run the et as usual with the following command line argument:

'+set fs_game etf'

2.2 - Connecting to Servers

To play ETF, you need to connect to a server. To do this, from the main menu
select 'Play Online' from 'Play'. This will bring up the server
browser from where you can select a server. Double clicking a server in the
list will connect you.

If you already know the server IP and port, you can quickly connect to a
server by pressing '`' to bring down the console, and then typing in:

\connect <ip>:<port>

substituting <ip> and <port> with real values.

2.3 - Creating a local Server

To start a local server, select 'Start a Game' form the 'Play' menu. You will
be presented with a window where you can select your map, and set any settings
. Clicking 'Start' will start your server. If you give out your IP to friends,
they should be able to connect to you as long as your router/firewall settings
are correct. For reference, the default port it 27960.

2.4 - Using BOTs

All bot console commands a prefixed with bot. For example:

/bot help

This will print out a list of all the commands and short descriptions for them.
Most are self explanatory.

The only ones you really need to be concerned about are these

/bot addbot name team# class#


/bot kickbot name

If you need any more help, post in the etfgame.com forums!


3.1 - Known Issues
Unfortunately, this release does not have BOT support under linux. There is
also no auto updater for linux.

3.2 - Quick Q & A

Q. What is ETF?
A. ETF is a port of the mod Q3F for Quake 3 Arena and is based off the Team
Fortress concept. 10 unique classes and a ton of very cool weapons along with
some killer maps make up ETF. The game will offer many game types like CTF,
Reverse CTF, Single Flag, Capture & Hold, Assault, King of the Hill and Duel.

Q. Do I need RTCW to play ETF?
A. No you do not need Return To Castle Wolfenstein to play ETF.

Q. Which version of Team Fortress is ETF based on?
A. ETF if based on the gameplay of Q3F 2.3

Q. Does ETF have bunnyhopping & conc jumping?
A. Yes ETF will have bunnyhopping and we also have a modified version of the
Q3F 2.3 conc grenade.

3.3 - PB/ET Issues and Fixes
ISSUE: Hanging  using PunkBuster with RADEON 9500 or Higher, WINXP/2K Random
hanging has been observed with certain games on certain systems when using
the PunkBuster server.

FIX: To resolve this issue, download and install CATALYST 4.12 display
drivers or higher.

ISSUE: If you have no sound in ETF using Linux, and you see an error about
being unable to mmap /dev/dsp in the console, the following commands may help:

echo &quot;et.x86 0 0 direct&quot; > /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/oss
echo &quot;et.x86 0 0 disable&quot; > /proc/asound/card0/pcm0c/oss


4.1 - Setting up a Dedicated Server

On Linux:

We recommend the following as being a sample shellscript for running a server:

while true; do
<your path to et>/etded +set sv_pure 1 +set net_ip <your ip> +set net_port 27960 +set fs_game etf +set com_hunkmegs 64 +exec etf_server.cfg

On Windows:

Run et.exe with the following arguments:
<your path to et>/et.exe +set dedicated 2 +set sv_pure 1 +set net_ip <your ip> +set net_port 27960 +set fs_game etf +set com_hunkmegs 64 +exec etf_server.cfg

4.2 - Creating Videos

There is an excellent tutorial for making quake 3 videos at:


Which can be used for ETF without any problems.

4.3 - Custom HUDs

There is a dedicated forum for custom HUDs on the official forum, which can be
found at:


4.4 - '$ Strings'

ETF allows players to communicate information via comms using the following
special '$ strings'.

$h  - Speaker's Health
$a  - Speaker's Armor
$l  - Speaker's Current Location
$d  - Speaker's Location of Last Death
$t  - Speaker's Team (Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green, in white text)
$c  - Speaker's Team Color (&quot;Red Team&quot; etc. in colored text)
$g  - Speaker's Disguise status (really only valid for agents)
$s  - Speaker's Current Class
$n  - Speaker's Name
$r  - Reader's Name

For example, typing '$n is a $s' in team chat will broadcast:

<your nickname> is a <your class>

to your team.

NOTE: If you are familiar with Q3F $ strings, you will notice there is no
longer any distinction between upper and lower case letters.


5.1 - Websites

Official ETF Website: http://www.etfgame.com

The official ETF reference, including latest news/downloads, discussion forums
, other documentation and guides.

5.2 - IRC

Official IRC rooms for ETF can be found on irc.gamesurge.net and
irc.quakenet.org at #etfgame.

5.3 - Community

ETF-Center:       http://www.etf-center.com/
PlanetETF:       http://www.planetetf.com/
ETF University:    http://fu.etf-center.com/
Railbait:       http://www.railbait.com/
TheCatacombs:       http://www.thecatacombs.net/
Planetwolfenstein.de:    http://www.planetwolfenstein.de/
Planetwolfenstein.com:    http://www.planetwolfenstein.com/
EnemyTerritory.at:    http://www.enemyterritory.at/
RTCW.co.uk:       http://www.rtcw.co.uk/
Frag Happy:       http://www.fraghappy.com/
Frag Emporium:       http://www.fragemporium.net/

5.4 - Leagues/Ladders

Stronger Than All:    http://etf.sta-league.org/
TeamWarfare:       http://www.teamwarfare.com/


Project Lead: LaVaGoD
Project Supervisor & Level Designer: 5anny
Coder: CaNaBiS
Coder: Slothy
Bots: DrEvil
Lead Artist: SystemKrash
Artist: Steady
Artist: Tabun
Lead Level Design: Ildon
Level Design: Zombie
Level Design: b5k
Level Design: wils
Level Design: Jedis
Level Design/Artist: VilePickle
Lead QA/Gameplay: Ghetto
QA: Hitman
Hud Tech/QA: Shuriken
Public Relations: n2y
Public Relations: Axee
Resources/Distribution: Noth
Web Master: Python
Documentation: Domipheus


Code: Keeger
Code: RR2D02
Art: Fussel
Art: Ryan Vandermark
Art: Shdw
Art: ZBR
Art: sanna
Level Design: Leon
Sound: Dallas Audio Group
Sound: Scott Cairns
Super Idler: Hannibal

Special Thanks:
Q3F Development Team
Splashdamage Ltd.
ETF Test Team

Q3Map2 Support:

Dallas Audio Post Group

Textures Authors:
Iikka &quot;Fingers&quot; Keranen 
Pete Parisi 
Mr LyCon 

The Software, including the ETF Images, and all materials accompanying the
Software (the &quot;Materials&quot;) and all copyrights, trademarks and all other
conceivable intellectual property rights related to the Software, the
Materials and the ETF Images are owned by The ETF Team and are protected by
United Kingdom copyright laws, international treaty provisions and all
applicable law. You must treat the Software, the Materials and the ETF Images
like any other copyrighted material, as required by any applicable law. You
agree to use your best efforts to see that any user of the Software licensed
hereunder, or the Materials complies with this Agreement. You agree that you
are receiving a copy of the Software, including the ETF Images, and the
Material by license only and not by sale. This section 7. shall survive the
cancellation or termination of this Agreement.

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