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3) Purpose Upon loading et.exe, the game tries to check if it has crashed in the previous run, the way it does so is flawed


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3) Purpose Upon loading et.exe, the game tries to check if it has crashed in the previous run, the way it does so is flawed... It creates a file profile.pid upon your first run of et.exe and deletes the file when you close. Every subsequent run will search for the file, if it has found, the game determines that it has crashed and resets some settings (such as resolution) to their defaults, this program simply deletes all the different profile.pid files (one in each mod directory, basically). and runs the game for you.

1) Installation Unzip all files to the Working directory of Enemy Territory (e.g. C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory), not ETMAIN. If all the files are not in the same place you will most likely get a runtime error. If the program file does not reside in the right directory you will get an error when ET launches (in the ET console).

ASP .net Framework Runtimes can be found at: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=262D25E3-F589-4842-8157-034D1E7CF3A3&displaylang=en

2) Usage If your working directory is not "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory", modify it in settings.xml (open the file in notepad). It should point to the directory where ET.exe is found. Settings.xml instructions: *-*-* You will see a line that looks like this: C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory Change "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory" to your working directory for ET, remember to use double backslashes ( "\" ). *-*-*

From this point on, just make a shortcut to ETloader.exe and run it in place of your old ET shortcut.

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Download 'etloader.zip' (21KB)

|Enemy Territory Loader v1.0                                                             |
|By: Kir Birger  (ArmeDMonkey)                                                           |
|Contact: aim:a404user error ||| msn: [email protected] ||| email: [email protected] |

4) Advantages over batch file
Of course you could just use a batch file to do this, but you have to manually enter each path for each profile.pid file, plus
some people want to conserve taskbar space and dont want the batch file staying in the taskbar.

5) Final notes
Contact me with any errors, but there really shouldn't be any, since everything is pretty simple.
I am a beginner programmer, but i plan to add to this program as i progress and find new things to add.

6) Diclaimer
If you screw something up, its not my fault, this program is provided as is and is FREEWARE. If you contact me with a 
stupid question or ask me a question thats in this file, i will not take the time to repeat myself, i took time to write this, 
take the time to read it.

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