Enemy Territory Minimizer



* Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Minimizer v0.18 * * Author: _=[Paladin]=_Compholio[WB2]* * Download: http://www.compholio.com/etmin/* * Feedback: http://www.compholio.com/feedback.php * -Installation Instructions Unzip "etmin.exe" and optionally the loader examples to any folder on your computer. Create a shortcut to etmin.exe from your desktop. Please note that the server for the loader example 'autoconnect.cfg' defaults to the Clan Paladin W:ET Server, to load the main menu instead don't extract this file or delete it from the folder you extracted the minimizer into.

-Loading W:ET Minimizer W:ET Minimizer must be loaded BEFORE W:ET, the minimizer will wait until W:ET loads to find the handle to the W:ET window. As a bonus, W:ET Minimizer will attempt to start W:ET when loaded, it will tell you to do it yourself if it cannot. Let me know how this works! I've only tested it on XP but the API calls should work on any Windows OS.

-Using W:ET Minimizer I didn't put in a way to customize the keystroke yet, ask me if you want this (or anything else) to happen. Keystroke CTRL+Q closes the program safely (unregisters keystroke, should cause no problems to force it to quit by going CTRL+C with the prog open). Keystroke CTRL+M minimizes W:ET. To maximize W:ET again click the W:ET icon in your taskbar, this will re-initialize the DirectX engine. CTRL+Q is designed for an ingame minimizer exit, the minimizer should exit automatically when W:ET closes.

-The Console Window Because it's easier for me there is currently no GUI, shoot me a message with my feedback form if you want a GUI or some other feature. The form is located at: http://www.compholio.com/feedback.php

-Responsibility I'm NOT responsible if this program screws up your computer. I believe this program works effectively and minimizes W:ET correctly with no side effects, and if it doesn't work with your computer setup I'm sorry. Feel free to contact me via the feedback form and I'll try and fix whatever is broken, but there are no guarantees.


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