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Enhanced wolfcam / wolfcam2 is an improvement to the mod 'wolfcam 0.0.3' by brugal. You can watch a demo from other player's point of view, with etpro 3.2.6 hitsounds, aim statistics for followed player, player names, and even a 'warpometer'



enhanced wolfcam / wolfcam2 readme

Hi to all ET players...

This is an enhanced version of wolfcam, with some added features.
You can watch a demo from other player's point of view, with etpro
hitsounds, aim statistics, player names, and even a 'warpometer'

(Windows only! No Linux version atm sry )


This is based on the mod: wolfcam-et 0.0.3 by brugal
The author of wolfcam has included the souce code of his mod,
and on this source code I have based my version.

All my credits/thanks go to him for the original wolfcam...

How To Install/Use

1. Copy the folder 'wolfcam2' inside your Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory
	folder (the same place where you have your etmain, etpro, etc. folders)

2a. Then start ET, and select the mod wolfcam2, or better...
2b. ...Make a shortcut with: ET.exe +set fs_game wolfcam2
	so that ET starts and loads wolfcam automatically.

3. (Your demos go in wolfcam2's 'Demos' folder)

4. Watch your demos

- For a list of commands/cvars, see below.

changes/enhancements from original wolfcam 0.0.3 by brugal:

* Added command to fast forward a demo to a specific point.
	type /wcam2_fastforward [time]
	(for the time in seconds, read in the upper part of your hud)
* Added 'Auto cam': you follow automatically everyone who attacks/hits
	the player who recorded the demo.
	No need to follow a specific player, with autocam you spec from the
	point of view of all the enemies who attack you ;)
	use: /wcam2_autocam 1 to enable, 0 to disable.

* Added hitsounds (etpro 3.2.6 demos)

* Auto fast forward, when followed player is not visible.
	No more useless buggy views, and you save time watching.

* Accuracy/headaccuracy, hits per headshots, damage per second
	of followed player.
	(you can reset all statistics with /wcam2_reset_aim_stats)

* Removed knockback, and added a 'virtual crosshair knockback' in magenta.
	Normal view doesn't move anymore when the player is hit, thus showing you
	the real aim of the player you follow. The magenta dot shows you the
	screenshake, when the player is hit. So you view the spot where he was
	really aiming in the game, but you also know when he was under fire.
	Well, tbh demos don't show you the real point where a player was aiming,
	due to antilag/prediction/ping etc., but removing the screenshake seemed
	to me a good idea anyway...
* Player names + warpometer:
	/wcam2_player_names [value]
	where value is:
	0 => disable names
	1 => playernames + warpometer (a text 'warp' appears if that player warps,
			the higher the number near the text, the higher the player warping)
			color shows the amount of warping too.
	2 => show dots (useful to check for wallhackers, without using shownormals)
			blue = allies, red = axis, white = the player who was in 'normal' demo view.
	NOTES about the warpometer:
	- *all*, and I say again *all* players warp every now and then, so it's normal
		to see occasionaly the label 'warp' over a player's head.
	- Real warpers have it more often. So plz don't whine too much ;)
		all players warp, some warp more than others...
	- This warpometer is triggered very easily, so you should consider 'warpers'
		only players who 'warp' many times in a row.
	- A lagging server can trigger the warpometer of all players.
	- Warpometer graph is better for checking who warps and who doesn't (see below).
* warpometer graph

	/wcam2_warpometer [value]
	where value is:
	-1 => disable warpometer
	player slot number -> shows a warpometer graph for that player.
	Use /players to know the players' numbers.
	- How to read it:
	Warping players have 'spikes' in their warpometer
	Players who don't warp, instead, have a 'smoother' graphic.	(But not totally smooth!
	even in LAN it's impossible to have it fully smooth, so it's a matter of
	NOTE1: *Every* player has a bit of warp, you just have to watch some graphics,
		to learn to know who warps and who doesn't.
		Typical warpers are players with low maxpackets, but even players with 100 packets can warp.
	NOTE2: Plz note that this graphic is *not* influenced by the internet connection
		of the player who recorded the demo.
		It reads players positions from server snapshots, to calculate warp.
		So it's how they warped in the server. The graphic shows *real* warp, regardless
		of the player who recorded. So, if a warper records a demo,	non-warpers' warpometer
		will still be normal.
		It's not influenced by the player who records the demo...
		I don't need to repeat it again, right? ;)


(same as old wolfcam 0.0.3)
/players 			to get a list of players and client ids
/follow [client id]	follow selected client
/follow -1			to follow original demo point of view

(cvars/commends added by me)
		resets all accuracy data to 0
		(useful if you want to see accuracy only in a certain
		part of the demo) It's done automatically if you spec another

/set wcam2_player_names	[value]
		shows player names/warpometer/dots
		value = 0 (disable),1 (player names + warpometer),2 (dots)

/set wcam2_warpometer [client id]
		client id = player you want to show, use id=-1 to disable
		do /players to know the number of player ids

/set wcam2_autocam [value]
		auto follow from attacker's view. 1 = enable, 0 = disable.
/wcam2_fastforward [time]
		fast forwards up to that time (in seconds).
		(See the seconds number on your hud)


Again, thanks to the original wolfcam author, and I hope this mod will
help, not as a whining source, but as an useful instrument against
cheaters, and such low lamers who've never known the meaning of words
like ethic and real challenge, and who try to ruin this awesome game...

happy speccing ;p

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