escapebeta2.zip —


Escape Beta 2 for Enemy Territory

Creator : Leif "LowLife" Hansen Email : [email protected] Web : http://lowlife.homepage.dk

Filename : escape_beta2.pk3 Started : 20-12-2003 Public Beta 2 Released : 23-03-2004

Editor : Gtk Radiant 1.3.8 ET

Please mail me if you have some comments on: - Team balancing issues. - Any error with texturing, clipping and stuff.

I want to thank the following for:

Prerealease testing & ideas: Logan, Marko & GertH

Providing testservers: MacBeth, Shazam & S.S.HeirPie

Betatesting: Gerth6000, Marko, Death, Crazy-Nutter, Logan, JIM_BOB7813, {MFU}Undead S.S.HeirPie, S.S.Arschmo, S.S.Druid, S.S.NightRaven, S.S.{EU}PoNS, S.S.Darkness =XIII=JupiLer, =XIII=KeiFront, [FuN]HekkeH, TWIXMIX, Carlsen, Wauyeah, Svarvsven Shazam, [Yop]gorobei, Dutchman, |KillerbeE|, [BB]Kennie, [FuN]Choller, CsC.Bouncer CsC.Kobayashi, -7Co- LeGlaude, -7Co- Pithivier, -7Co- Burniole, -7Co- Chef Chau [RDC]YourLeftNut, |PWC|capone, [BB] Driekske04, [fP]VoRdHoSbN, ZeN|YHCIR [FuN]Xander, [fP]HardKiller, [fP]VoRdHoSbN, =WF= Lance Dance, =WF= snake

A few prefabs: Drakir

Command map: Gerth6000

And special thanks to S.S.HeirPie for all the last minute testing.


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