ET BOTS (all lang)



In this Zip file you will find a lot of way to install the bobot :

=> Bobot_Win_1.03.exe : Install for Windows only with 3 languages : English, German and French, => Bobots_Win_UK.zip : Unzip files in your Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory directory in a repertory calls bobot, => Bobots_Serveur_RW.zip : this file is only for windows server, not for play, => Bobots_Linux_UK.zip : English Linux version, => Bobots_Linux_GER.zip : German Linux version, => Bobots_Linux_FR.zip : French Linux version,

What new :

- Reorganization of the IA , - Resolution of small bugs created by this rehandling, - Added : Medics distribute medipacks to the wounded, - Added: Item Detection = > recovery of medipacks, - Added: FieldOps distribute ammopacks to teammates without ammunition, - Added: Item Detection = > recovery of ammopacks, - FieldOps kills the wounded, - Support of connection scale type (soon there will be also the reservées doors), - Bug fix: after each map_restart, all bobots returned to skill 0, - Created initial bobots technical documentation, - Corrected installation bug, - Beginning of the creation of the user interface "WayPoint" in the play, - Created: WayPoints "wm_quickcommandswaypoints.menu", - Corrected: Bobots "wm_quickcommandsbobots.menu", - Bobots integration on the map "Battery", - Bobots integration on the map "Radar", - Addition of lives again for the medic (goes only if the body is very near), - WP large path resolution (needed that the Bobot leaves the path of the WP according to the direction of the node), - Added: connection type, planned but still not completed.

Thanks to :

- All coders : Joc, PsyGoa, Yonex and 3emetype, for their hard work - All [RW] Team for testing the bots, - Tiger for this read me and the hours on this bots project :)

Our site :

http://www.clanrw.fr.st Questions : Clan forum.

And also, thanks you for choosing these bots, have nice game, LAN or solo game with them.


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