ET Domination

Powerball is a small modification for Enemy Territory. You compete for the domination of one single ball in the middle of the map, the objec...

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File Description

Powerball is a small modification for Enemy Territory. You compete for the domination of one single ball in the middle of the map, the objective is to score it in the enemy goal but at the same time protect your own goal from the enemy team.

NAME: ET Domination Release: 050716

*** INSTALLATION **** Extract all files to the root of Enemy Territory (beside et.exe). Run from mods menu in game or create a shortcut of et.exe, right click on the shortcut and select properties, add after "c:\pathtoet\et.exe" +set fs_game domination

*** CLIENT CVARS **** dom_muzzleflash (default value 1) Enable/Disable muzzleflash

dom_drawTeamScore (default value 1) Draws the team score on the hud.

dom_altHud (Default value 1) Use alternative hud.

dom_hitSounds (Default value 1) Use hitsounds. set to 1 for body and head shot sound. set to 2 for only head shot sound.

dom_drawTeam (Default value 1) Draws what team your in.

dom_drawWeaponTrace (Default value 2) 0 weapon traces disabled 1 Only others weapon traces 2 All weapon traces enabled


scoreLimit (default value 0) Score to win the game, can be used with g_timeLimit

g_intermissionTime (default value 60) How long the intermisson screen will stay in seconds before next match will start.

g_ballVelocityScale (default value 1.0) Scale the velocity of the ball for longer or shorter throwing distance.

g_tackleDistance (default value 96) The maximum allowed distance for tackling a player. 0 to disable.

g_tackleForce (default value 500) How much force you push a player with when tackling.

g_allowTeamPass (default value 1) Allow direct passes to team mates without actually throwing the ball. As with throwing, the maximum pass distance is affected by how long you "prime" the ball.

g_passDistance (default value 0) g_passDistance overides the passing "primed" balls and sets a maximum pass distance.

g_weaponRestrictions (default value ) Used for limiting the following weapons: 1: Mortar 2: Panzerfaust 3: Flamethrower 4: Mobile Mg42 5: Riflegrenade - means no restriction. 0-9 number of allowed weapons per team. g_weaponRestrictions -2--0 would mean max 2 panzers and no riflegrenades. See the number order above.

The old g_heavyWeaponRestriction is now only used for limiting airstrikes.

g_maxTeamLandmines (default value 10) Used for limiting number of allowed landmines per team.

g_maxFiresupport (default value 60) Max amount of airstrikes and artillery strikes allowed per team, 0 to disable.

g_noFireTime (default value 500) Delay in ms after throwing the ball that you can't fire.

g_noWeaponFire (default value 0) If set to 1 no weapon can be fired, makes the powerball game a bit different..

g_flagStay (default value 0) If set to 1 the flag will not return to base when walking over it but will return automatically after 30 seconds.

g_powerballRegen (default value 5) The ammount of HP the ball carrier will recive per second. Max regeneration is 80% of max health. Medics will only recieve this regeneration when having the ball. vote_allow_config (default value "") Allow configs to be votable. vote_allow_config "*" would allow voting for any config, vote_allow_config "" would completely disable config voting, vote_allow_config "config1 config2 config3" would allow config1 (i.e. a file called config1.config), config2 or config3 to be voted, but not config4 or clanwar.config or whatever.

vote_allow_scorelimit (default 0) Allow scorelimit to be votable.

g_realHead (default 1) Enables ETPros real head hitbox code

g_team_maxSoldiers (default value -1) Limits the soldier class -1 No limit

g_team_maxMedics (default value -1) Limits the medic class -1 No limit

g_team_maxEngineers (default value -1) Limits the engineer class -1 No limit

g_team_maxFieldOps (default value -1) Limits the field ops class -1 No limit

g_team_maxCovertOps (default value -1) Limits the covert ops class -1 No limit

g_configDirectory (default value "configs") Set the folder to store pluggable configs "" to diable

g_mapScriptDirectory (default value "mapscripts") Sets the folder to store custom mapscripts "" to disable

**** SERVER CONFIGS **** Server configs as in ETpro is supported, dump them in the configs/ folder.

Structure looks like this:

configname UGL-3V3 init { global cvar settings goes here.. }

map default { default cvar settings for all maps goes here.. }

map dom_base { map specific cvar settings goes here... }

Save file as .config. /ref config, /rcon config or /callvote config will show you a list of available configs

set for standard cvars. setl for cvars you want to lock during game. command for server commands like reset_match (command "reset_match").

/sv_cvarempty to clear locked cvars /vconfig to see list of locked cvars

In a config use sv_cvarempty and not command "sv_cvarempty". If this is the first line in your config, command "" are not executed at once meaning that it will be runned AFTER the config has been read in.


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Re-Upload Request Restoration

Code updated to 2.60.

Name change! Now called ET Domination, didn't want to limit the mod just to powerball, especially now when it has ctf too.

hitsounds implemented.

Speaker announcer implemented (fight! etc)

Tackle implemented, stealing the ball from the carrier in Powerball.

If you're within a certain distance you can "hand over" the ball to a team mate.

Hud updated to show who has the flag or the ball.

Added TEAM AXIS or TEAM ALLIES in the hud in in red and blue to make it more obvious what color their team has.

CTF added, with proper scoring for assists, defence etc.

CTF Flag models created.

All maps supports both game types.

Some of the standard maps support the new game types, more to come (oasis and fueldump for now).

New fancy menus.

New fancy loading screen.

New fancy ball model.

Ball velocity tweaked.

ALL maps can now be made to work as a CTF or Powerball map with the new map script commands "create", "remove" and "set" (set was already available in et 2.60)

Pluggable config files implemented like in ETPro.

Several of the key functions like throwing velocity, tackle, passing etc is changeable with a cvar.

There's also a cvar that might be a fun twist to the game, g_noWeaponFire. With it enabled, the only way to get the ball is to tackle your opponent.

g_weaponRestrictions, limits all heavy weapons and rifle grenades.

g_maxTeamLandmines, limits landmines (duh)

g_maxFiresupport, limits air- and artillery strikes.

XP removed, you know get the score but not the upgrade levels.

added dom_muzzleFlash cvar 1/0

Balanced k43/garand, difference in reload etc.

Fixed bug in throwing code that could trigger off several EV_THROW_BALL events at the same time

Fixed scoreboard bug with duplicated playernames if > 32 players.

Backstab knife damage on players waiting for medic exploit.

Stats implemented for game types in +stats and intermission.

New intermission awards implemented for the game types.

ETPro's realHead code implemented, thanks a lot for making this code public Zinx Verituse!

Body hitbox made more close to ETPro.

The maps have been updated to suit competitive play better, moved spawn points, adjusted respawn times etc.

New map added, dom_steelplant, map made by Drakir, converted by me to suit ctf an Powerball.

Class limitation implemented, changed limbo to reflect available classes, buttons become gray if not available.

Added new changeable cvar settings to the ref and vote misc menu.

Weapon spread when fireing will be as if having light weapons level 4.

g_fear implemented (thanks ETPub) if you self kill within g_fear time it will give the kill to the last player who hurt you and write out a "was scared to death by" message.

Added dom_muzzleFlash to enable/disable weapon muzzle flash.

Added dom_drawWeaponTrace to draw weapon traces from others, everyone or none

Added assist score in PB

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