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Basicly, this is a pratice arena. It is based upon mml_headshot for RTCW, made by Gerbil. This map uses decal textures supplied with mml_headshot. See the textures folder for more info.


Overpower the enemy and win the most battles within the given timelimit. If no timelimit is set by setting "map_eth2_notimelim" to 1, the first reaching 100 wins.

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Basic Information
Designer : Kamikazee, Gerbil (original RTCW map, not related with ETH2 other then giving permission for it)
Web Site : none yet
email address : (see Splashdamage forums, account kamikazee)

Map Information

Game : Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Title : ET Headshot 2
Filename : et_headshot2_b2.pk3
Version : Beta 2
Release date : 1 March 2006

Installation : Place et_headshot2_b2.pk3 into your etmain folder

Playing instructions

Obstacles in the pit can be toggled using the switches on the left. There are 2 modes since Beta2:

-Default mode: any team can change the layout when no match is going on.
-Fair layout mode: Only the 'losing team' can change the layout
	If the game is tied or you are on the winning side, an icon will pop up. If you then try to
	toggle the switches, "You cannot use these at this time" will be shown.
To choose which mode is used, the server admin needs to set the "map_eth2_fairlayout" CVAR to 1. 
If it's 0 or non set, the default is used.

To play,  at least one player of the Axis and Allies team needs to press the "DUEL" button in the pit.
The pits will be sealed off and if both teams pressed the button, the arena doors will open after 3 seconds.

The map can then be played untill the timelimit is reached or without timelimit.
The map ends allways when one team gets 100 points.

To select the timelimit, set the "map_eth2_notimelim" CVAR to 1 for no timelimit, or 0/non-set for 15 minutes.

Additional Map Information/Credits

Thanks fly out to Splash Damage and the members of the SD forums.
I must allso credit Gerbil, who was so kind to give me permission to do this conversion of his RTCW map.


Alpha testing: Pytox

Change log

    |		Decompiled MML_HEADSHOT
0109 -> 0609	Restored texturing (adding tons of caulk), recreating the hull and other structural things
0709 -> 1109	Redone scripting, adding score system
1209		First Alpha release
1309		Second Alpha release, changed all RTCW textures to ET ones, added '5 seconds before fight' code
1409 -> 1809	Third Alpha, changed intermission view so it shows scoreboard, made logo and finished command map.
1909 -> 2309	First beta version, fixed a script issue where the countdown could be 'restarted'
2309 -> 2702	Wait time went from 5 to 3 seconds. Top duel buttons removed, and ready buttons introduced.
2702 -> 0103	Beta2: all teams can change layout again (by default), controled by CVAR
		Setting the timelimit is controlled by CVAR as well

This map may not be used as a base for other maps. Decompiling may be used FOR LEARNING ONLY!
If you use a similar concept based on one of the Headshot maps, (MML_Headshot, ET_Headshot or ET_Headshot2)
please give some credit to Gerbil as well. Reusing anything supplied with the map without permission is not allowed.
See credits.txt in the textures/et_headshot2 folder to check who made what.

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