ET Model Tool



This is the latest version of the 'ET Model Tool' v1.2.0 It is a tool for player model-makers and mappers.



The most powerful features:

    * Calculation of LOD for playermodels (Level Of Detail):

      The user can manually adjust the LOD-Minimum per surface, and see the model-detail change on screen.
      Every ET playermodel needs a so called (pre-calculated) collapsemap for the game to be able to render the model correctly. If a playermodel does not contain this LOD-data, triangles will go invisible. This tool can calculate the needed LOD-data.
      Be aware that LOD works automaticly in-game. Depending on the distance from the viewer, the game will render the playermodel on a different level of detail. If You look at a low detail model up close, it may look 'ugly'. In-game players only see low detailed models when they are far away.
      (Credits go to Stan Melax for his polygon-reduction routine. I only converted it to Delphi and added a few extra lines of code to it so it works better with non-closed/open models).

    * Convert .MAP brushwork to a .MD3 model:

      Mappers can make a model in Radiant from just brushwork, and use this tool to convert it to an MD3 model.
      The final model can then be used in Radiant as a misc_gamemodel or misc_model. The tool will check if the .map-file does not exceed the limits for MD3-files (max surfaces/verticles/faces), so not just any .map-file can be loaded and converted to an MD3-model.
      Any 'common'-shader will not produce triangles, so using caulk is recommended.. This option may be fun even for unexperienced model-makers.

    * Export frames from playermodels to animated MD3:

      Save a selected range of frames to an animated MD3. Tags are also exported, so the mapper is able to attach other models to the final MD3.

    * Combine frames from MD3-files into one final MD3:

      With this option the user can create animated MD3 models from a combination of frames from other MD3 models.

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