ET Resurrection

Map review pending*

*Primary Objectives - 1. Destroy Main Gate power to gain access to Kreiger. 2. Steal Book of the Resurrection from K...


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Map review pending*

*Primary Objectives - 1. Destroy Main Gate power to gain access to Kreiger. 2. Steal Book of the Resurrection from Kreiger Mansion and make way to raft and escape to caves.

*Secondary Objectives - 1. Capture flag in mansion room to advance. 2. Destroy secondary door for access into lower mansion. "This is a secondary entrance but cannot use to exit." 3. Destroy catacomb door for access into book room.

Thx to Det Pak for some of the cool sounds in Resurrection.

BACKGROUND: The Nazi's as we have heard are doing human experiments to create super soldiers. Recently however, its been discovered the Nazi's are using the occult to further their mission for world dominance by performing passages from the book of the resurrection. …Rituals if you will. A small allied force lead by LT. Joe Johnson was sent to gather more information on one, Alfred Kreiger, who is a Nazi Sympathizer and linked to practices in the occult. Information we received from Johnson has confirmed our suspicions. Kreiger has performed satanic rituals and has succeeded in resurrecting dead Nazi soldiers that feel no pain, no emotion, and have no mercy. They are the perfect killing machines. Kreiger has recently crossed over to the other side, suicide by his own creations. According to the book, Kreiger's death will allow him to move between realms and help make the transformation of the soldiers complete. They can be destroyed at this time, but one passage from the book is left that will make them invincible and must be done when certain circumstances are present. Unfortunately we don't know this information as we've lost contact with Johnson and his men. This was Johnson's last transmission: "…We have entered the belly of the beast where life and death are one… The book holds the power … The last passage needs to be performed for the gates of hell to be opened permanently… God help us… It must be performed when…" No one from the group has been heard from since, but we do know from Johnson's last message that the book is the key. Time is of the essence and you will be deployed immediately. --I know your thinking this can't be real. It seems unbelievable but in Johnson's words…. "God help us" … if it's true. --

MISSION: To infiltrate Kreiger mansion by boat and make way through front gate or other means available before the axis zombie soldiers become invincible. Extract "The Book of the Resurrection" that's located in the mausoleum on the mansion grounds. Exit through the main house back to front gate or use the Catacombs to basement and use Raft to escape to caves with the book.

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