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This program will help you writing script files for Wolfenstein Enemy Territory maps. It features a few handy things that will make your scr...


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This program will help you writing script files for Wolfenstein Enemy Territory maps. It features a few handy things that will make your scripting life easier!

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ETScript	-	V 0.6

Made by Nick Thissen	aka Flippy	aka reT!reD.Nick


5. TO DO


1. About

This program will help you writing script files for
Wolfenstein Enemy Territory maps.
It features a few handy things that will make your
scripting life easier!

This program is made in Visual Basic 6, in Windows Vista.
Tested to run in both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

In the Options menu, you can specify the path to your
Enemy Territory folder. Click the Browse button and select
any file inside the folder that contains your script files
(usually etmain\maps).
If you specify this, the Open and Save dialog boxes will
default to that location.
By default, this is set to:
"C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain\maps"

Any options you set get stored in the file "options.dat".
Please do not edit this file if you don't know what you're doing.
The line numbers for each option are hardcoded into the program.
IF you must edit this file, be sure to keep every setting on the same line!


2. Features

Currently, the program features:

NEW IN V0.5!!

- AutoComplete function.
	Type a part of a keyword and the program will automatically finish it for you.
	Additionally, a listbox will show up showing you any other possible keywords.
	This feature will help you write the script greatly since you cannot possibly make any typo's anymore!

- GoTo ScriptBlock function.
	Enter the name of the scriptblock you want to find and hit OK. The program will
	take you to that scriptblock, if it exists.

Old features:

- Notepad-like script editor:
	Open and save in the .script filetype by default, never worry about
	the wrong filetype again!

- Syntax Highlighting:
	Special scriptcommands are colored, so you can easily see what you're

- Customizable Preset:
	If checked in the Options menu, the program will load a game_manager
	preset when you open a new file.
	You can customize the preset by simply editing the "preset.txt" file.

- Ability to change font.

- Automatic tab-indenting. 
	The program remembers the number of tabs on the previous line when
  	you press enter and adds that number of tabs. So you don't need to
	press tab everytime after a linebreak!

- Automatic { block indent.
	When you type an opening bracket ( { ) the program also adds a linebreak
	and an extra tab.

- If you want to type brackets without the linebreak and tab effects, you can use
	[ and ] to type { and }.

- Comment Block and Uncomment Block features.
	Select a few lines of text and comment them out with a click of a button!

- New Options screen with more options and a new layout.

- Nice looking toolbar with most tools at the ready.

- Bracket count function. Counts the difference between opening and closing brackets.
	So far, this feature works perfectly but it does not always give an accurate
	read. Any brackets in a commented out line or in a wm_announce text for example
	will be counted aswell.

- Save to Preset function.
	Saves the current script text to the preset.txt file.
	Note that there is no backup. You cannot go back to the default preset unless
	you recreate it yourself.

- TreeView with the complete scripting reference from Chruker's website.
    	Select any script command and see it's usage and description.
	Doubleclick any command and it will insert itself into the script, at the
	last cursor position.
	Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to include ALL commands yet. Only
	about 1/3 of the commands are currently there. It will include all commands 
	in the next release.
	You can hide or unhide the treeview with Ctrl+T or via the View menu.

	A script reference editor is also included, which allows you to easily view all commands
	as well as edit their descriptions.

- Standard notepad functions:
	Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, Find, Replace, and GoTo.
	There is also an option to insert the current Date and Mapname (only if you have a map loaded).

- Entity import!
	When loading a script file from a map of which the .map file is available, the entities scriptnames
  	and targetnames are extracted and listed in a treeview. Doubleclicking a script or targetname will add it 
  	to the script.

- Updated 'Automatic { block indent' function. The program now automatically adds:
		//<-- tab
  when you type a { character. Bugs in this function have been fixed.

- Globalaccum list function.
	All globalaccums used throughout the script are listed so you can see instantly which ones are still free.


3. Known Bugs

- Not really a bug, but when loading a very large script file, it can take a few
seconds to load the syntax highlighting. Please have patience for this, I will
try to make it faster in the future.


4. BugFixes

Lots of bugs from v0.2 fixed!

*Cannot find picture bugs
*Some major speedlag fixed
*Some minor bugs fixed

Some more bugs from v0.3 fixed:

*Automatic block indenting ({ }) function bug fixed.
*W:ET Directory choice not transfering to the Open File dialog - fixed.

Bugs from v0.4(1) fixed:

*Black option buttons fixed (hopefully)
*Searching Up finally works properly
*Vista-style doesn't require XP-SP2 compatibility mode anymore


5. To do

In the future I'm planning to add a few very cool features.
I don't promise anything, I don't know if I can pull it off.

- ToolTips:
	A tip popup that will tell you exactly what the command you typed
	does, and how you need to use it.


6. Credits

I would like to thank Chruker, for his complete scripting reference:

I would also like to thank Roeltje for his original idea (MasterScript), which
unfortunately never got finished.

Many thanks also goes out to the XTremeVBTalk forum:

And the VBForums:

For helping me with this project.

And last but certainly not least, I would like to thank FreeVBCode, for the
Syntax Highlighting Textbox control, that is ofcourse the heart of this program:


7. Bug Report

Please report any bugs you find to the corresponding thread in the
SplashDamage forums, or email me:
Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

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