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File Description

Changes for Version 0.91 - Added g_weaponLimits - Added team_maxflamers/team_maxmortars/team_maxmg42s - Added cg_altAdrenaline - Added cg_split2HWeaps - SMG is selected instead of grenade after firing panzer with HeavyWeaps 4 SMG - Fixed text alignment issues - Fixed problems with Linux client - Fixed problem with duplicate fireteam messages

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ET_TourneyMod version 0.91
Ryan Mannion - -
Released 8/15/03

Extract the .zip file into your Enemy Territory folder with folder heirarchy
intact.  If successful, you should have an ET_TourneyMod folder with 3 files in
it.  To run a server, append "+set fs_game ET_TourneyMod" to the command line to
load the mod.

User-Adjustable Settings
cg_altAdrenaline	Default: 0.  When set to 1, medic syringe is always
			selected with weaponbank 5.  Adrenaline becomes an
			alternate function (weapalt) of the medic syringe.

cg_split2HWeaps		Default: 0.  When set to 1, an SMG held in conjunction
			with a heavy weapon is delegated to the weaponbank 2

cg_oldUI		Default: 0.  Restore the old user interface by setting
			to 1.  Should not be set in conjunction with
			g_smallCompass or overlap will occur.

cg_smallCompass		Default: 1.  Disable the small compass by setting to 0.

g_forceLimboHealth	Default: -75.  Adjusts the amount of damage needed to
			force a player into limbo.   -150 is recommended.

g_packDistance		Default: 1.0.  Proportional to distance ammo/health
			packs are thrown.

g_intermissionTime	Default: 60.  Adjusts maximum length of intermission.

g_moverScale		Default: 1.0.  Proportional to speed of movers such as
			tanks or tugs.

g_slashKill		Default: 0.  Select among these options:
			 1 - 0 charge bar on spawn after /kill
			 2 - 1/2 charge bar on spawn after /kill
			 4 - charge bar remains unchaged after /kill
			 8 - disable /kill
			Option 8 can be used with one of the first three by
			adding them together.

g_spectator		Default: 0.  Select among these options:
			 1 - free-look spectators can click on a player to
			     spectate him.  A "miss" does nothing.
			 2 - A miss for option 1 will cycle to the next client
			 4 - Spectators continue following a player when he
			     enters limbo and respawns (similar to RTCW)
			 8 - Spectators go into freelook mode after a spectated
			     player enters limbo (option 4 takes precedence)

skill_lightweapons	Default: "20 50 90 140".  The numbers correspond to the
skill_heavyweapons	amount of XP required to reach level 1, 2, 3, and 4 in a
skill_battlesense	skill, respectively.  Setting a number to 0 effectively
skill_medic		starts every player off at that level.  Setting a number
skill_covertops		to -1 disables that level.

g_XPSave		Default: 0.  Select among these options:
			 1 - enable XP saver.  XP is saved and restored if a
			     disconnected player joins before end of campaign or
			 2 - restarts, swaps, resets, or shuffles do not reset
			     XP to beginning of round values
			 4 - XP does not expire.  Use server command "clearxp"
			     to reset XP manually.

g_mapConfigs		Default: blank.  When set, g_mapConfigs specifies the
			folder where your per-map configs are in the
			ET_TourneyMod folder.  For example, setting
			g_mapConfigs to "." specifies that they are in
			ET_TourneyMod.  Setting it to "/configs" specifies that
			they are in "ET_TourneyMod/configs".  The configs
			should be named the same as the map.  "oasis.cfg" and
			"fueldump.cfg" are valid.  "default.cfg" will be
			executed prior to any map-specific config.
			Check the cvar fs_homepath if you are having trouble
			finding the proper location for your configs.

g_weaponLimits		Default: 0.  Select among these options:
			 1 - count picked up weapons as part of weapons totals
			     for a team (used for weapons restrictions)
			 2 - do not drop panzerfaust when entering limbo
			 4 - do not drop flamethrower when entering limbo
			 8 - do not drop mortar when entering limbo
			16 - do not drop mobile MG42 when entering limbo

team_maxPanzers		Default: -1 (no limit).  Specify per-team limit for each
team_maxFlamers		weapon. Will not override g_heavyWeaponRestrictions if
team_maxMortars		a limit is reached through g_heavyWeaponRestrictions.

Non-Adjustable Changes
* Ammo/Health packs do not bounce back when intended to give to another player
* Prone hitboxes are lowered
* Gib hitboxes are lowered to the same level as RTCW's
* Players waiting for a revive are not dropped for inactivity
* /follow can take a partial name match as its parameter
* Stens overheat properly with Level 2 cov.ops.
* Private slots work properly on passworded servers
* Mistyped console commands are ignored ("say" can still be used to broadcast)
* Akimbo kills give XP
* Akimbo stats are logged
* Akimbos are properly selected after they are earned
* Indoor airstrikes are fixed
* SMGs are properly selected as the one-handed weapon after they are earned
* Votes cannot be called during intermission
* Weapons cannot be picked up off the ground if they are limited/restricted
* Spawnpoint selection works properly on initial spawn
* Player movements while frozen after a revive are ignored
* Important cvar settings are printed in the console at the start of each round
* SMG is selected instead of grenade after firing panzer with HeavyWeaps 4 SMG

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