ET Tower

Tower -- Allies and Axis battle to control the roof of a tower. Why? Who knows?!


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Tower -- Allies and Axis battle to control the roof of a tower. Why? Who knows?!

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Scoring is as follows -- the team scores one point per second for each player
on the roof.  Scoring is doubled at the tip of the antenna.  An annunciator
sounds every 10 points, and each team has a unique sound.

The current score for each team is displayed at two corners of the map -- first
team to 500 points wins... this can happen faster than you think!

NOTE: All versions with a 'j' suffix are tuned for the newer physics as featured
      in JayMod.  You can use them in non-JayMod versions of ET, but you will have
      to work a bit harder to score.

Version b27j:
  - Adjusted main doors of both spawn bunkers.  Instead of a single door facing north/south, there
    are double doors facing diagonally towards the center of the map.  This should encourage players
    to use both the main jump-pads about equal from each bunker.

Version b26j:
  - Made adjustments for new physics engine in JayMod 2.1.7 (do not use otherwise).

Version b26:
  - Restructured roof around base of tower.
  - Fixed Allied spawn points to spawn on main level, then overflow to lower level (liked Axis spawn)
  - Added a defensive feature to the hail-mary hallways and jump-pad pits.

Version b25:
  - Fixed trees so they are more easily climbed.
  - Adjusted some wall heights
  - Restructured roof around base of tower and made it slippery.

Version b24:
  - Added unbreakable glass windows to health/ammo bunkers to prevent snipe-camping, etc.
  - Added down-chutes at opposing corners of the tower's ring deck.
  - Made the Spawn bunker roof-awnings slippery.
  - Made the health/ammo bunker roofs harder to climb on.
  - Restructured insides of spawn bunkers.

Version b23:
  - Relocated Allied command-post to be positioned more like Axis CP
  - Added rustling sound when you go into trees
  - Added trap to make tunnels to bunker jump-pads unusable
  - Restructured around the base of the tower a bit
  - Added a rock to block through-the-base visibility to the Allies 
    construction materials

Version b2x:
  - Added Hail-Mary jump-pads at each bunker.  Building the CP opens
    a door to them.  There are view-screens to give you a birds-eye
    view of the tower just before you commit yourself to a high-risk

Version b19:
  - added more trees/rocks
  - adjusted the lighting a bit
  - integrated fixes for the compass map
  - fixed up trees so you have to jump to start climbing... makes running 
    around without getting stuck on the trees easier.
  - the main scoring area (1 pt/second) now extends almost to the very 
    tip of the antenna.

Version b18 
  - first public release (of sorts)

The map concept originated for Action Halflife (AHL) / Halflife DeathMatch.  When
Halflife 2 came out, the map was also ported to that engine.  A few years later
when I started playing ET, I ported the concept to that game.  Each version is
a bit different than the others ... each adjusted to conform to game engine
constraints or game play mechanics.  

Bulletbait    <name>

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