ET UpdateMod V2

This mod changes alot of things within ET; see Readme for complete list of changes. I've tried this out and I, for one, will be keeping this...

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File Description

This mod changes alot of things within ET; see Readme for complete list of changes. I've tried this out and I, for one, will be keeping this! The changes made to the impact sounds are excellent! For example: shooting the water and shooting anything metal is more realistic sounding now. This is a must-have mod!

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|- Miguel Nunes -|-----> Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
|- - projects   -|-----> ET Update mod v2


---------- Mod Info ----------

This is like an ET Update. This one changes a LOT of stuff and it has a lot of realism inside.
Below are all the stuff that it changes...:

The v1 changes:

- LAG Warn 
- Bullet Holes at Wood, Walls and Glass
- Stamina, Health and Power huds 
- Limbo and Loading menus 
- Sniper Scope 
- Unknow Map shot 
- Satchel allied skins 
- Axis and Allied snipers doesn't have silencer anymore. Model changed.
- Allied Skins are changed to SGCarlo's Airbone skins
- Axis skins have new Nazi signs 
- New Dynamite textures 
- New MP40, FG42 and Thompson skins 
- New Chat sounds 
- New menu sounds select and cancel
- New Vote, Referee, Pickup, Doors, switches sounds 
- New player sounds gasp, gurp, land hurt, water in and out
- Truck and Tank sounds 
- Weapons: Airstrike, Artillary, browning, colt, dynamite, fg42, m1garand, grenade, k43, knife, landmine explosion, luger, mg42, mp40, panzerfaust, satchel charge, sten, thompson. 
- Silencer off/on sounds 
- Impact Sounds 
- Alarms 
- Glassbreak 
- Radio Axis 
- Thunder 
- War ambiental sounds 
- Water and Waterpump 
- Makes smoke a little more realistic 
- Siwa doors and carpet textures 
- Main Menu Music is changed to a Call of Duty music, not to call of duty's main menu music
- All BUTTONS AND TOPICS are changed to Buttons And Topics, you should get it =P 
- New Main Menu image/buttons/logos 
- Menus are now changed from default green to red

The v2 changes:

- Everything that v1 changes of course
- Colt Skins and fixed model
- Added new menu at main menu for ET Update mod
- Fixed the blood
- New smoke grenade skins
- Added new bullet hole texture at metal
- Added new Sea Wall Battery wall textures
- New Oasis floor textures
- New muzzleflash textures
- Removes the shadows in the weapons. I don't know if i should call it shadows...
- New snow textures

that's what it changes.

This is an exe file so it will not work on Linux.
For Linux you must go to my website forums and see if there is a Non exe version.

Why exe file?
i made a cfg to work as Safe Mode to people that some times have problems getting in et.
So the install program will create a shortcut on the desktop to run that ET Safe mode.

About that cfg:
That cfg have the default et Settings, binds, setas... But i used the worst graphic performance.
800x600 everything 16bits, 11khz...


------ Install/Unistall -------

For linux, check my forum... if the files for linux are not there, wait some more days...


------- How does it work ------

Like the other mods... See the documentation of the mod at "Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/ET Update mod/docs.html".
You must download the mod and install.


-------- Contact Info --------

Name: Miguel Nunes
MSN Messenger:   //no support will be given via email. see note below
Email:   //no support will be given via email. see note below
Game Nick: > > NightSky.

Note: No support will be given via email. Support allways starts at the forum

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