etpub (pronounced eee-tea-pub) is modification of the server-side portion of the Enemy Territory game code.

What are the goals of etpub?...

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etpub (pronounced eee-tea-pub) is modification of the server-side portion of the Enemy Territory game code.

What are the goals of etpub? Be configuration compatible with shrubet (cvars AND shrubbot.cfg) Match useful shrub features (e.g. Play Dead, Corpse Dragging, etc.) Fix bugs. Add features to try to imporve gameplay on public servers. (e.g. Active Team Balance)

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added comma (,) as a separator for party panzer pattern 
hopefully fixed a bug with buffered prints and rcon 
fixed server crashes with shortcuts when run from the console 
several cosmetic fixes to !listplayers output: omnibots display "*OMNIBOT*" instead of the GUID fragment, shrubbot level names with color codes are correctly justified now 
fixed a bug where if g_hitsounds bit 4 was set, no headshot sounds were ever heard 
fixed !showbans formatting when color codes are in the banned server name or in the banner 
merged KillSpree bugfix code by Dens: All kill spree message locations now print where they should 
bugfix: lvl4 soldiers can no longer hold both mp40 and thompson at the same time 
bugfix: prevented players from circumventing /kill restrictions by throwing knives to their own feet and killing themselves 
exploitfix: implemented mandatory low value for g_throwKnifeWait (0.2 sec) to prevent players from binding /throwknife to mouse wheel and throwing a ton of knives within a very short amount of time 
exploitfix: expanded g_fear to apply to team changes in addition to /kill, as some players were switching teams instead of /kill to circumvent g_fear 
bugfix: Put in bugfix by Dens: headshots were being counted even though g_stats flag 1 was enabled 
bugfix: several cosmetic changes as submitted by Dens 
exploitfix: players that disconnect or change teams will have their artillery and airstrikes canceled/removed 
bugfix: If there were more than 63 bans no custom commands would be read from the shrubbot.cfg file 
bugfix: Helmet loss and regain with antilag on is now stable. 
bugfix: winprob should work from rcon now. 
bugfix: major ATB bug. Using allies as axis win prob.

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