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20050519 * josh: Added antilag debug output to the client for internal testing only This client will als...


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20050519 * josh: Added antilag debug output to the client for internal testing only This client will also make the server hitboxes blue when g_debugBullets is on and it will draw red hitboxes for what the client sees. Output is on the console. * tjw: used new PM_TraceAll() from 2.60 in playdead checking * tjw: improved PM_TraceAll() related checking to test for players heads and legs instead of just legs. This should prevent player models from sticking through doors when prone or dead next to them. * tjw: "Project: Bug Fix" 008 merged (cgame) * tjw: "Project: Bug Fix" 009 merged (cgame) * tjw: "Project: Bug Fix" 011 merged (cgame) * tjw: "Project: Bug Fix" 018 merged (cgame) * tjw: "Project: Bug Fix" 021 merged (cgame) * tjw: "Project: Bug Fix" 023 merged (cgame) * tjw: "Project: Bug Fix" 031 merged (cgame) * tjw: "Project: Bug Fix" 032 merged (cgame) * tjw: "Project: Bug Fix" 033 merged (cgame) * tjw: "Project: Bug Fix" 034 merged (cgame) * tjw: "Project: Bug Fix" 035 merged (cgame) * tjw: "Project: Bug Fix" 037 merged (cgame) * tjw: "Project: Bug Fix" 049 merged (cgame and ui) * tjw: added 'forcecvar' server command. this will of course only work if using the client mod. unmodified clients will see the message "Unknown client game command: forcecvar". * tjw: improved etpromapscripts compatibility. need client mod in order to see "You are near the Back Door" popup.

20050526 * tjw: client mod won't draw the wounded message when playing dead. * tjw: client mod won't predict EV_NOFIRE_UNDERWATER. this means if you're using g_weapons 2 or 4 flags, you won't hear clicking when using syringe or pliers underwater. * tjw: removed +lookup, -lookup, +lookdown, and -lookdown commands from the client mod. these are used for anti-recoil cheats. * tjw: etpub_client now tries very hard not to save any of the forcecvar cvars in the profile etconfig.cfg file. also, once forcecvar is used to set a client cvar, the client can no longer modify it (until they restart their client).

20050927 * tjw: I made a mistake merging Project: Bug Fix 049. (thanks for pointing it out Chruker). this has to do with map name drawing in etpub_client. * tjw: Added check for vote_allow_maprestart in vote menu * tjw: added several 2.60 files to the SVN repo that were missing * josh: The client is now aware of double jump so it can better predict the effects. This means people double jumping should be able to aim better. * matt: added cg_drawTime, cg_drawTimeSeconds, to draw local time underneath the FPS display, cg_drawTime can be 0 (not displayed), 1 (24 hr clock) or 2 (12 hour clock with am/pm). cg_drawTimeSeconds will display seconds * matt: added etpub menu option, with HUD customization choices for customizing the drawing of local time (see cg_drawTime, cg_drawTimeSeconds) Also added options for atmosphericeffects (rain/snow), cg_drawFPS, cg_drawLagometer * matt: added weapons/binocs.weap for proper display of binocs dropped * matt: added weapons/knife.weap for proper display of throwing knives * forty: Zinx's b_realhead code * forty: "Project: Bug Fix" 020 merged (cgame) * matt: preliminary integration of bacon's editable hud code from SD forums client-side commands, /loadhud, /edithud, /dumphud example hud hud/stumpy.hud added * matt: Fixed bug in hud file loading that caused MinGW compiled clients to stop displaying the chat areas * tjw: Added etpubc.h and server version detection. You can now use the macro ETPUB_VERSION() and the variable cgs.etpub to enable features in the client depending on what version of etpub the server is running. Example: if(cgs.etpub >= ETPUB_VERSION(0,6,0)) ... This could potentially be useful for adding config strings. * matt: Added preliminary etpub client documentation * tjw: decreased the text size for polls. * tjw: added the /hidevote client command. also, the "stuck vote" bug that people experience when joining durring a vote is most likely fixed. * tjw: updated the vote menu to include new etpub votes ("next campaign", "restart campaign", "surrender", and "poll") * tjw: used Catscratch's suggestion for putting etpubclient version in place of "SERVER INFO" on the loading screen. * perro: updated client to allow for adjusting stamina recharge rates (g_staminaRecharge) and to support g_misc 16 to prevent jumping if stamina is below approx 17%. Updated etpubc.h to show 20050927 * tjw: added etpub 0.5.x version detection hack * tjw: added version detection for PM_Tracehead() now g_misc 32 * tjw: /hidevote wasn't working correctly. It would get reset every time the vote totals changed.

20051016 * perro: updated client to reflect g_staminarecharge changes * matt: added 4 new hud elements, cpmtext, chattest, livesleft, votefttext * matt: fixed it so that compass zoom level now sticks across maps and sessions * perro: updated client to show newer obits (poison, goomba, fear, throwing knife, reflected-ff) cleaned up minor formatting issue with fireteam invitation text that caused two lines to print over one another * tjw: implemented g_coverts 2 and 4 flags (see docs) * tjw: added menu option for shufflenorestart vote * tjw: added scale parameter to "livesleft" HUD element and adjusted deej.hud and stumpy.hud to draw this element. It only gets drawn on limited lives server anyway right?

20051031 * kw: added cg_panzerhack (default: 1) to put your SMG in weaponbank 2 (instead of bank 3) when you're a soldier with level 4 Heavy Weapons. * kw: client now shows your throwing knives ammo count ([current ammo]/[max ammo]) * tjw: exposed some extra voice overs for "Need a [class]" in pak0.pk3 this might be lame since it's a different voice, but we'll see.

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ETPub Client 30-Oct-05 has been released! This release accomodates features in the upcoming 0.6.1 version of etpub.

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