:-: Installation : Unzip to your main "return to castle wolfenstein - enemy territory", it will open a directory named "etsquad" with t...


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:-: Installation : Unzip to your main "return to castle wolfenstein - enemy territory", it will open a directory named "etsquad" with the necessary files. And start the server with the tag "+set fs_game etsquad".

:-: Server/Client Cvars : Client : e_drawflash :: hide/show [0/1] your weapon flash with this cvar. (good for people who wanna play with cg_drawgun) : Client : e_drawmuzzle :: hide/show [0/1] weapon muzzle with this cvar. (good for people who wanna play with cg_drawgun) : Client : cg_drawobjtimer :: hide/show-flash/show-solid [0/1/2] a special timer which indicates when an obj is going to blow. (suggestion by taiko) : Server : g_selfkilldelay :: disable/enable [0/1] a one second delay on selfkills (delayed selfkills also lock weapons for that second). (turned off for competition settings by default) : Default : Cvar g_disableComplaints (serverside), is now set to disable mines complaints as default. (can still be changed as ussual by the admin)

:-: Misc Server/Client : : Server : stats are saved upon reconnection. (xp,kills,etc) : Client : spectators can now see the names of the clients they are targetting. (in free mode) : Client : Limbo flags are now present in the normal chat.

:-: Classes & Skills : : Disguised Headicons1 : Disguised coverts get headicons above their head, seen by other teammates. (to minimize unneccesary teamdamage) : Disguised Headicons2 : Disguised enemy coverts get fireteam icons which acts as if they were in the fireteam. (it only shows if they are selected, etc ...) : Dummy Weapons : Coverts are able to pick other classes weapons and store them seperatly. (like mp40 soldier). They serve as dummy (unshootable) weapons, picking a new dummy weapon will drop the current dummy one. : Field-ops : Get xp when giving ammo to other field-ops. : Medic Balance issue : Medics can only pick self medkits once in 5 seconds, have normal max_health (but still get and give medic team bonuses), and get xp for giving medkits to other medics. : Mine Detection - Coverts gain better mine detection in level 1 (50% faster than original), and level 2 (100% faster than original). : Soldier - get's an additional spawn clip for MG42 at lvl 2 heavy-weapons. (the max ammo stays the same though)

:-: Weapons : : Sten shoots 10% faster, tweaked warming so it still warms up after 16 shots. : Garand Stats equal k43, reloadable. (they reload slightly slower than the original garand, for balance) : Knife does 2.5x instead of 2x damage with coverts. (29 damage instead of 22) : Assassin skill doubles frontal damage. (around 60 damage) : Other classes get 1.8x damage from front. (20 damage instead of 12) : K43 (both covert's and eng's) and garand both reload a little slower. (1.8 seconds). : MG42 is now reloadable. : Flamer's range is 20% longer. (hardly noticable, but still important) : Panzer cannot switch stances while warming up, (jumping or switching from crouch/stand), and works on fallon damage. (low damage on short range, normal on medium, and a small bonus damage on long range)

:-: Bugs & Fixes : : Bug : mine spotting hint/progress was pulsed and non-smoothed, it is now tweaked to solid, like it should logically be. : Bug : mines didn't show when scanning, they now show and they also flash. (for better sighting) : Bug : mine markers didn't disappear when client left the team or disconnected. : Bug : name was vanishing when retargetting the ground on enemy disguised coverts. : Fix : Less spread with lightweapons is now given in level 3 instead of level 4. (as originally mentioned in the manual) : Fix : Throws medkits/Ammo at 133% distance so f-ops/medics will have less chances to accidently give themselves the supplies. : Fix : akimbo silenced pistols didn't give xp loss at tk-complaint. (thanks to sniser) : Fix : better shuffle algorithm. (thanks to pack) : Fix : corpses hitbox was twice as high from what it should be. (blocking any prone character nearby for no reason) : Fix : spectators couldn't use quickchat button. : Fix : stats no longer reset when changing teams. : Competition Fix : gibs take 100 instead of 50 damage. : Competition Fix : chargebar doesn't fully restore after respawning. (except for in warmup) : Exploit : bug where sound command overflaw would crush the server. (thanks to rain)

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