FACcing Clan Movie



Here is an excellent action-packed video developed by Killer Jen of the FAC Clan. Crammed with over 8 minutes of frag time and compiled with awesome video editing tools, it is a pretty sweet Enemy Territory gameplay video :rock:. Download it now and leave some feedback!



The FACcing Movie


-24 Bits, 704 x 576, 25 fps ,Frame-based (MPEG-1)
-Video data rate: 3270 kbps 
-Audio data rate: 128 kbps
-MPEG audio layer 2, 32 KHz, Stereo
-Music: Metallica - Wherever I May Roam 
        Metallica - Die, Die My Darling
-8 minute 57 Sec playtime
-220 mb (unzipped)
-131 files (22.47 GB) Used to create Vid
-30-04-2004 Produced by KillerJen 


-Unzip the File and i hope u enjoy it :)
-If u got codecs problems try to open it with DIVX or a DVD Player.

Contact :

[email protected]


-Force of Agression and Cruelty 

-FAC is a RTCW / ET clan, and was already active in the time of the first multiplayer test. 
 It was formed by M@ximum and Lightning, and was just to show that those two guys did know eachother. 
 After the multiplayer tests, the clan remained just for fun and they continued playing the full game. 
 After a couple of months they decided to go official. 
 Since the 10th of February 2002 the clan is officially registered on Clanbase, and we started playing wars. 
 As i write this , we played 327 official Clanbase matches witch we are very proud off.
 We want to thank all clans 4 playing and for the fun we have.
 See u on the battlefield.

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