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This is a BETA Release Please Report All Bugs/Errors/Comments Etc to Author!



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This is a BETA Release Please Report All Bugs/Errors/Comments Etc to Author!

FLAK CANNON - BETA:2 By:evillair

url: http://legionghost.cjb.net/ author: Yves Allaire aka evillair email: [email protected]

[ This is a beta release (version 2) ]

Send comments to:

[email protected]

Looking for comments on: - Gameplay problems. - Team balancing issues. - Overall feal of the map. - Ideas for better gameplay possibilities. - Flow.

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Download 'flakcannon_beta-2-sfixed.zip' (5.76MB)

Change Log - Flak Cannon beta 2
Tuesday, August 05, 2003
- Fixed: Floating objects.
- Fixed: Cargo net now walkable.
- Fixed: Small Wall raised to prevent Allies from jumping it.
- Fixed: Backward texture.
- Fixed: Road clipping with underlying texture.
- Fixed: Grass fading increased to stop drastic stop.
- Fixed: MG42 (2nd story) now has more space to fire.
- Fixed: Lowered the amount of team doors. Now there is only 1.
- Fixed: Building flak/ammo gate doesn't kill you. (If it still does this with the Flak tell me)
- Fixed: Missing tree stump. (Will add it to the .pk3)

- NotFixed: A bunch of very small things. (will get fixed)
- NotFixed: the glass that breaks. (Still need to hit the frame to break it) 
- NotFixed: Light bulbs on hanging ceiling lights.
- NotFixed: Index Map (need to make the road not have grass growing on it, etc.)
- NotFixed: Still need to get a functional command post.

- New/Changed: removed some doors to spawn areas.
- New/Changed: Ammo gate now outdoors in the back.
- New/Changed: Redid the outdoor area in the back.
- New/Changed: New corridor to the ammo supplies.
- New/Changed: Objectives work now. (You can now win/lose the game)
- New/Changed: Added working objective data file.
- New/Changed: New command map (new style, let me know if this works well for you)
- New/Changed: Added details to the Main Gate. (Still not able to battle inside it, meant to be like that.)
- New: a bunch of other tweaks etc.


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