Briefing: Switzerland, 1943. The Allies have stolen 4 new Flak Ammo for Big Flak. The Axis must steal these new Flak Ammos and escape with them to the Big Flak Gun also.



map: flakstuff_final
longname: flakstuff_final

Author	    :  FischCommand
Location    :  Germany
E-mail	    :  enemy-territory(AT)arcor.de
Game		    :  Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory (Multiplayer Map)
Screenshots :  http://home.arcor.de/k-fischer/ET/#Flakstuff

1. English Language:
Bugs/Changes/New against previous Version:
BUG: Spawn problems at beginning of mapstart. Reason: Spawn-properties
     'startactive' and 'invulnerable' not set in Axis/Allies main
     spawn points!
bug: Distances between the particular spawn points increases
bug: Redundant Rooflight with first aid house deleted

chg: Add "nodraw-clipping" on the lower surface of the little lake
chg: Fitting and caulking completes now ;)
chg: Rooflight with the first aid house destroyable made
chg: Structural brushes for the external walls with many buildings bring
     clearly more FPS in many regions of map

new: 3 posters for the great etfun-Server: http://www.etfun.de
     (Gameserver IP:


Recommended number of players: 12 on 12
Maximally meaningful number of players: 25 on 25 or more ;)

- The number of delivered Flak Ammos are visible on the
  frontside of Flak Tower (0/1/2/3), in the Secret Ammo Room and
  in the stone house behind the door.
- It exists a secret tunnel to the main bunker behind the Observatory
- The switch for the Secret Ammo Room is one room before and after the
  lower stair
- On the roof of funk house exists an alternativ access to the
  Main Bunker
- If Allies no more return to main bunker, try the ladder in MG42-Bunker
  to roof and then go over the Scaffold construction to main bunker
  (or with 2 tree ladders over mountains)
- It exists a second escape route for Axis before/after the Flak-Room
  by the factory the stairs highly..


Primary objective:
- Construct a ladder to Bunker
- Destroy the Guard Walls on roof of main Bunker

Secondary Objective:
- Destroy the Guard Fence near Observatory
- Construct a command post
- Construct a Overhead line to Main Bunker


Primary objective:
- Destroy the ladder to bunker.
- Construct Guard Walls on the roof of main Bunker

Secondary Objective:
- Construct a Guard Fence near Observatory
- Construct a command post
- Destroy the Overhead line to Main Bunker

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