FritzBot ET



Fritz Bot is an Artificial Intelligent set of players put into the game to challenge normal players the bots behave as normal players would on a pub server.



A short FritzBot ET Feature List: 

1. Objectives: 

Command Posts 
2. Game Sense: 
Objective priorities 
Event awareness and response 
Offensive and Defensive "phases" 
3. Combat: 
Use all of their weapons (class based and personal) effectively to fight you. 
Use and understand grenades. 
Use and understand every trick in the ET book on how to fight your enemy. 
4. Game: 
Unique GUI and menu interface that lets you setup all of your Fritz specific options. 
Easy to use and setup: we've done all the work for you so you can get down to the business of playing. 
Predefined campaigns that have all the maps Fritz supports, so you can start playing against Fritz right away! 
5. Navigation: 
Usage of the entire map rather than a shortest path 
Obstacle recognition and avoidance 
6. Skill levels: 
General Skill (1-3) 
Aim Skill (1-4) 
7. Medics: 
Recognition of teammates with low health 
Ability to find teammates in need of a revive 
Teamkill revive for teammates with very low health 
Automatically pass out med packs at spawn if they have high level teammates. 
8. Field Ops: 
Airstrike and Artillery support 
Recognition of teammates that need ammo 
Automatically pass out ammo at spawn 
9. Covert Ops: 
Smoke Grenades 
Mine spotting 
10. Soldiers: 
Panzerfaust camps 
Mobile MG42 camps 
ALL weapons used, except the mortar 
11. Engineers: 
Rifle Nades 
12. Tools: 
Built in .nav file editor 
"FritzScript" a simple, easy to use script system to control the bots actions. 
External waypointer's tool that will help in the process of creating/editing .nav files, and using the FritzScript system. 
Example .bot file so that you can learn how to make your own bots of your friends to play against in the game. 
Online Tutorial to get you started. 
Helpful online community to turn to with any questions/comments/suggestions.

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