FritzBot ET



FritzBot is a mod that puts in AI players into a server to play against

FritzBot ET Feature List:

1. Objectives:

Constructions Steal Deliver Flags Dynamite Command Posts

2. Game Sense: Objective priorities Event awareness and response Offensive and Defensive "phases"

3. Combat: Use all of their weapons (class based and personal) effectively to fight you. Use and understand grenades. Use and understand every trick in the ET book on how to fight your enemy.

4. Game: Unique GUI and menu interface that lets you setup all of your Fritz specific options. Easy to use and setup: we've done all the work for you so you can get down to the business of playing. Predefined campaigns that have all the maps Fritz supports, so you can start playing against Fritz right away!

5. Navigation: Usage of the entire map rather than a shortest path Obstacle recognition and avoidance

6. Skill levels: General Skill (1-3) Aim Skill (1-4)

7. Medics: Recognition of teammates with low health Ability to find teammates in need of a revive Teamkill revive for teammates with very low health Automatically pass out med packs at spawn if they have high level teammates.

8. Field Ops: Airstrike and Artillery support Recognition of teammates that need ammo Automatically pass out ammo at spawn

9. Covert Ops: Satchel Disguises Smoke Grenades Sniping Mine spotting

10. Soldiers: Panzerfaust camps Mobile MG42 camps ALL weapons used, except the mortar

11. Engineers: Rifle Nades Mines

12. Tools: Built in .nav file editor "FritzScript" a simple, easy to use script system to control the bots actions. External waypointer's tool that will help in the process of creating/editing .nav files, and using the FritzScript system. Example .bot file so that you can learn how to make your own bots of your friends to play against in the game. Online Tutorial to get you started. Helpful online community to turn to with any questions/comments/suggestions.



  Fritz Bot ET
  A ET bot by Maleficus
  Title                   : Fritz Bot ET v0.70 (BETA)
  Author                  : Maleficus
  Email Address           : [email protected]
  Description             : A bot for the game Wolf: Enemy Territory
  Web site/Home page      : Mal's Whorehouse
			    Check out the web page for more info 
			    as well as a complete user's guide, and 
			    the waypointing guide.
  Additional Credits to   : id software for Q3, on which was born ET.
  			  Splash Damage for ET.
  			  TeamWhore and the UberSoldat AI mod team for
  			  their A* path algorithm.
  			  dbk242 for the help with the bot hud.

			  Wave for help with the waypoint tools.

  			  The Ghost, for the excellent UI gfx. :D
  			  Dolphin_Girl - for supporting me and Fritz
  			  from the beginning, and for loving RtCW
  			  almost as much as I do. :)
  			  The Bots United Crew for taking a chance on
  			  Fritz and giving him a place to call home. :)

			  3dge for the theme music.

			  Denny, for all hes done for Fritz Bot.

			  CrapShoot, TheHobbit?, BindleStiff and 420Blunt for
			  the path files, advice and assistance over the course
			  of Fritz's development.

			  And everyone who has been kind enough to support
			  this mod over the last several years.	
  Known User Problems     : 1. User attempts to play this mod using older
  			     versions of ET (Needs 2.60!!).
  	                  2. User fails to follow correct install 
  			     instructions, thus ends up playing normal 	
  			     ET instead of Fritz Bot.
  Enemy Territory (c) 2003 by Splash Damage Software.
  Fritz Bot (c) 2006 by Maleficus
  You may distribute this package in its unmodified form free of charge
  The creator of this mod accepts no liability for any damages whether
  real or imaginary that might have been caused by the direct use or
  indirect use of Fritz Bot. Like all of the other mods, use this mod at
  your own risk. That means if this mod causes you to go bald, lose your
  libido, piss off your boss, blow up your house, or cause your
  significant other to leave you - ITS NOT MY FAULT!!
  * Play Information *
  Objective (2-32)         : YES
  Stopwatch (2-32)       : YES
  Last Man Standing    : NO
  New Sounds              : NO 
  New Graphics            : YES   
  New Music                  : YES (If you get media pack)
  System Requirements     : Enemy Territory version 2.60
                            Windows 98 or better
                            P3 1 Ghz+
                            GeForce 2+ or equivalent
                            256+ megabytes of RAM
  Creator's Machine	  : P4 3.4 Ghz
  			    1 Gig RAM
  			    GeForce 6800
  * Construction *
  Base                    : Enemy Territory Source v2.60
  Editor(s) used          : Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, Notepad
  Known Bugs              : PLENTY!!!!  
  Build Time              : Fritz ET was officially born on August of 2005.
			    Work has been off and on since then.

  * Install Instructions *
  1). If you have an older version of fritz bot - delete the entire
      directory now.
  2). Extract the contents of this folder into your ET root dir. Make
      sure you keep directory structure!
  * How To Play *
  There are several ways to start up a Fritzbot game.
  Method #1 :
  1).  Create a shortcut pointing to the ET.exe file and mod 
       info. An example shortcut: "ET.exe +set fs_game 
  2). If the map you chose has a <mapname>.bots file, the game will 
      automatically spawn in bots for you, and you can begin play right
      away as soon as you join a team!
  3). An alternative way to add bots would be:
     a). use "addbot <name> <skill>" to add the bots of your choice

		- OR -

     b). just type "addbot" into the console, and it will add a random bot
  5). Enjoy! 
  Method #2 :
  1). Start up your normal ET game.
  2). Go to the "FritzBot" menu.
  3). Setup your server to your liking, then start the game by pressing
  4). If the map you chose has a <mapname>.bots file, the game will 
      automatically spawn in bots for you, and you can begin play right
      away as soon as you join a team!
  6). An alternative way to add bots would be:
     a). use "addbot <name> <skill>" to add the bots of your choice

		- OR -

     b). just type "addbot" into the console, and it will add a random bot
  7). Enjoy! 

  NOTE: there is a limit of 32 bots currently. The game will not let you add more.  
  * Other Info *
  PLEASE be aware this is early BETA state software so there may still be a few
  quirks here and there. ;)
  * Summary of Commands *
  The following commands are executed by typing them at the console.
  addbot <name> <skill> <aimSkill> - Adds the bot with <name> set to AI skill <skill>
				     and aim skill <aimSkill>.
  bot_skill <value>      - A value between 1 and 3 (1 = EASY, 3 = HARD)
  			 if no skill value is set when you call 	
  			 "addbot", bot_skill will determine their 	
  			 skill.	Defaults to 2.

  kick allbots	       - Kicks all the bots off the server.
  bot_pause <value>      - A value of 1 allows you to pause the bots.
  			 Useful for taking screenshots, or just testing
  			 things. Default value is 0.
  bot_aimskill <value> - A value between 1 and 4. (1 = EASY, 4 = NIGHTMARE)
		 	 This controls the bot's aim skill, and their 
			 reaction time to enemies.

  g_maxBots <value>    - The combined number of bots/clients you want playing
			 on the server. This way you can limit how many bots you
			 have on the server to a number of your liking. This only works
			 on a dedicated server!
  * Making a route file *
  Check my webpage for information on how to use the path tools.

  * Making a .bot file *
  Fritz bot works on the idea of bot "personalities". Much like a human
  that always uses the same name/class/weapon on a public/clan server, you
  can create bot personalities that have a preference for a particular
  class, weapon, or team. There are many bot "personalities" included in
  this release of Fritz bot (with more to come). Take a look at the .bot
  files and the file "botinfo.txt" for more information on how to create a
  bot modeled after yourself and/or your friends!  
  * Making map specific config file(s) *
  It is possible to make a map specific cfg file for every map you
  have. The filename will just be the name of the map (i.e.
  RADAR.CFG). In this file you can set your various gameplay
  variables (like the timelimit, etc).


 - Maleficus

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