Fuel Tank

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Fuel_Tank By [rD]MrPink

Specifications of fuel tank:


Gravity fitting. Water Draw-off OSHA Ladders and catwalks. Custom coatings (interior and exterior). Integral spill containment (double-wall). Overfill catch basins (various sizes). Fill-limiters. Remote gauging systems. Fittings including overfill protection, fill caps, vent caps and others. Standard Features:

Emergency vent riser (24 inches) and emergency vent cap. Openings are female national pipe thread (FPNT). Tanks 5,000 gallons and over are supplied with an 18" manhole per UL-142. Tanks are designed for stationary use and require some sort of support structure. Exterior paint is red iron oxide primer, interior is unpainted. All UL-142 tanks include (2) 2" FNPT fittings in the top of the tank

Nominal Gallons Diameter Length Steel Thickness Weight (Lbs) Normal Vent Emergency Vent Comments

Note: dimensions and weight are approximate.

Thanks to Greer Tanks.

Instructions: Unzip the zip file into your ETMain Directory, if you get a warning about directories already in this folder, click yes, I wont hurt anything. You must ALSO unzip this into any .pk3s you put your map in. You will find the model in gamemain/models/mapobjects/[rD]MrPink. It is called Fuel_Tank.md3


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