FUN Beach

Fun beach is a map designed for large scale carnage over the D Day Theme. Allies spawn on the left part of the map above in the landing craf...


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Fun beach is a map designed for large scale carnage over the D Day Theme. Allies spawn on the left part of the map above in the landing crafts and have to fight their way up the beach.They have 2 buker doors that they can blast to enter the Axis beach base. Once in the enemy base (flags in the middle of the command map), they can capture a forward spawn flag which will let them spawn closer the the first primry objective: a ventilation power generator. Breaching it will stop the fans from rotating and let the whole team infiltrate into the Axis back base.

[FUN] Beach - the making of:

I'd like to thank the following guys for all the help they gave me in creating & improving this map:

[FuN]Cedox: command map maker

[FuN]Scott & [FuN]Svarvsven: main map tester

Sproily & FUN Clan: custom textures

Testing Team:

[FUN] guys: Scott, Marty, Cedox, Capt Darling, Armistice, Hordak, Jaysi, SenecaWolf, Whatever, Choller (

M8D guys: Dr. Stock, DukeRespawn (

JimBob, Logan, Chris-s, Lowlife, CrAzY-NuTTeR, Heirpie, Darkfire, KN1GHTMAR3, Humpty-Dumpty, LdysMn317, Siffer, SilverSurfer, S.S. PoNS, c0s7, CrazyMexican, Yhcir, Lethal Banana, Wakka, S-Fos Skalman, Bouncer & Mr Battery

Special thanks to Clan Quality for lending us their server for the map testing

Changes since previous release:

- added 2 new paths to the basement which means axis have a much larger area to defend (weakens them a LOT) - generator net is satchel breakable - added health & ammo racks in the right bunkers when you go up to capture the beach bunkers (another thing to help allies) - made axis respawn time a little longer!!!! - made spawns at command post only when the team owns the command post. Also, the door of that bunker comes off when allies have the command post built (faster invasion of axis basement) - moved the axis mg42 nest from the large staircase taking to the radar base 2 floors higher so axis can have a use of it - added a new forward spawn flag for allies in the radar base bunker which has the large artillery gun - improved the lighting in some parts of the map - removed sounds that were played twice (e.g flag capture messages)

Axis Objective Descriptions: 1 "Secondary Objective:**Don't let allies breach the front bunker door." 2 "Secondary Objective:**Don't let allies breach the lower bunker door." 3 "Secondary Objective:**Defend the beach bunkers' flag." 4 "Secondary Objective:**Don't let allies build the assault ramp." 5 "Secondary Objective:**Protect the axis base wall breach." 6 "Primary Objective:**Defend ventilation the power generator." 7 "Secondary Objective:**Defend the back base secrity door." 6 "Primary Objective:**Defend the Radar." Allied Objective Descriptions: 1 "Secondary Objective:**Breach the front bunker door." 2 "Secondary Objective:**Breach the lower bunker door." 3 "Secondary Objective:***Capture the beach bunkers' flag." 4 "Secondary Objective:***Construct the assault ramp." 5 "Secondary Objective:***Invade the axis base by breaching the base wall." 6 "Primary Objective:***Destroy the ventilation power generator." 7 "Secondary Objective:***Breach the security door to access the back base." 8 "Primary Objective:***Destroy the axis Radar."

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