Glider Assault

File type Map for "Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory"

Title Glider Assault File name glider_241.pk3 Map name glider Version 2.4.1 (C...


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File type Map for "Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory"

Title Glider Assault File name glider_241.pk3 Map name glider Version 2.4.1 (Created Oct 2005) Nbr of players Any Author 2Bit ( Other maps Breakout TankBuster British Bulldog 2tanks 6flags 110 Factory

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Installation Put the pk3 file into the etmain folder.

The Story Spring 1943, the Austrian Alps: Allied Intelligence has reported that the enemy are developing a powerful new tank in a secure research facility. It is vital that one of the prototype Jagdpanther models be photographed for assessment.

Some Allied 'Horsa' gliders are in enemy hands and are crated in a nearby Axis outpost: capture the outpost and use the gliders to assist in the operation.

Description The Allies are dropped in by parachute and must assault the Outpost in order to gain access to the gliders crated there. They must then fly at least one glider from the Outpost to a hilltop overlooking the research facility. From there they will be able to destroy the generator, which opens the sealed door of the tank storage building.

They must steal the tank and transport it to the Outpost, where a Photo Reconnaissance Spitfire will be able to take photographs of it.

Operation of Glider It is vital for the Allies to fly at least one glider to the hilltop overlooking the compound - the Generator cannot otherwise be destroyed (the Axis door to the Generator room is secure against Allied Covert Ops). Multiple soldiers can be transported in each glider.

Gliders require steam power for launching, which is only available if the Hopper Pump is operational, so this must be repaired first.

To fly a glider, any type of Allied soldier must go into the cockpit. Thereafter the glider will fly to the hilltop unless shot down. A glider can only be shot down using explosive weapons.

A glider crash can be survivable by occupants depending on the angle of the crash and what the glider collides with. Baling out is often a safer option.

Operation of Nebelwerfer (multiple rocket launcher) The Nebelwerfer can be loaded from the cart adjacent to it. A maximum of 6 rockets can be loaded, but it can be fired with less.

The rockets are not 100% accurate, so the more rockets fired at one time, the greater the chance of a hit. 3 rocket/panzer hits will down a glider.

The cart can be resupplied by an Axis Field Ops. When resupply is possible (the cart has less than 6 rockets in it) a red triangle illuminates showing where the Field Ops must stand to resupply the cart. The Field Ops can resupply one rocket every 3 seconds.

Resupplying the cart is possible when the Nebelwerfer is firing, but otherwise only one action can be performed at a time.

Spitfire The Spitfire will fly overhead when the tank passes the Guardpost, and then await its arrival at the Outpost.

ME109s An Axis Field Op can call in ME109 airstrikes on the tank. To do this he must approach the radio in the Outpost any time after the tank has passed barrier #2, and before the tank reaches the Outpost. The ME109s will drop HE bombs, deadly to the tank and any escorting infantry.

Gamemodes Objective, Stopwatch.

Thanks to Splash Damage and Activision for the best (free!!) game I've ever played. DaBoy for prefabbing the Axis barracks for me. Drakir for various excellent prefabs. Iffy for the Nebelwerfer model. TibeT Clan for support, gameplay ideas and beta-testing.


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